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I come from a dentist dynasty! My grandfather, father and uncles were all dentists, practicing in the South and Northeast of the United States. I have spent a lot of time around dentists. Up until 5 years ago it was my dad who did the majority of the work on my teeth. He was very skilled at his work, very compassionate and quite humorous; qualities that kept him affectively in the field until his late 70s.

The bar was set pretty high, so when I was looking for a dentist to take over my oral care I was very particular. I did a lot of research. When I found Southland Dental Care, I was immediately impressed with their credentials. They not only are a self-contained practice, with equipment that many offices do not have (CT scan x-ray machine, Cerec for in-office crowns, as well as an in-house hygienist), but are aesthetically excellent, and immensely compassionate.

They love their patients! I have had extensive work at this office: Dr. Hanookai has replaced my ancient bridges with 6 state-of-the-art implants; combined with Dr. Abaian’s precise and artistic touch with cosmetic dentistry, they have given me my smile back! Their attention to detail is amazing, and they even have that unique quality that my dad had — a very calming sense of humor.

These qualities and skills that I first became aware of in my dad and uncles, I see in great measure here at Southland. I am assured that they also will have many, many years of affective service to those fortunate enough to find them. I love these people!

— Kirk Taylor


“Over a period of 10-15 years, my gums have undergone a gradual “moderate” recession. And with a family history of genetic gum problems and tooth loss on my maternal side, I’ve had a high level of concern over losing my teeth, ever since I was a child. I’ve seen many different dentists over the years, who either said nothing of my recession, or casually pointed it out and said ‘just keep flossing.’

Finally I’d had enough, and specifically sought out a periodontist who would take it seriously. Dare I say I found the best periodontist in southern CA, if not the country!?

From my first visit, Dr. Hanookai, Dr. Abaian and the entire staff were warm and made me feel like family. It’s rare to find a doctor who seems genuinely concerned about your condition. After my initial exam and some tests, the doctors explained to me what exactly was happening, and were immediately proactive by outlining a “game plan” in order to determine the cause, and how to prevent or slow further recession. Finally, I felt like I found someone who actually knew what they were doing… what a relief!

First they took a tissue sample to determine presence of a certain bacteria which leads to gum recession and bone loss, in which case simple medication might be the solution. After the test came back negative, it was decided my condition was caused due to multiple factors such as genetics, having had orthodontics, and having brushed too hard through the years (trying to “keep them extra clean” as a kid had backfired!).

The first step was a “deep cleaning” to eradicate the bone-eroding plaque underneath my gums. With “normal” cleanings often being sensitive, the thought of a “deep” cleaning had always sent chills up my spine. But Dr. Hanookai made me feel completely comfortable and relieved any apprehension. The cleaning went very easily, quickly and was completely painless! She also gave me a new brushing regiment, which included necessary gentle brushing of the gums (which I had generally avoided for some time, thinking it would further erode my gumline). By the time my next appointment came, my gums were less inflamed and looking much pinker and healthier.

Next, I elected to undergo a gingival graft, in which Dr. Hanookai removed tissue from the roof of my mouth, and transplanted the tissue over a section of teeth which had the most recession. I was so impressed by Dr. Hanookai’s surgical skills, I never expected such a procedure to go so quickly and painlessly. Two weeks after the procedure, the gums are looking fantastic and like new… to think that two months ago I was feeling hopeless about the situation, and now Dr. Hanookai is restoring my gumline right before my very eyes!

I’m more than happy and thankful for all they’ve done. I just underwent my second gingival graft, on the other side of my mouth, and under Dr. Hanookai’s skillful hands, this procedure went as smoothly as the first one. They also were helpful by squeezing me in on short notice before New Years, in order to make sure I maximized my benefits by not losing that year’s insurance allotment.

My one regret is not having found Dr. Hanookai and Dr. Abaian sooner! They have earned my trust and confidence, and have exceeded my expectations. They’re working very hard to ensure that I keep my teeth, and for that I am extremely grateful.

My highest recommendations to Southland Dental.

— Josh C.


I go to Southland Dental for all of my dentistry needs. Everyone here is so nice and accommodating, especially Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai and Tiffany at the front desk. If you need dental work, I would highly recommend getting it done at Southland Dental Care!

—Virginia Farrow


I waited for 10 years to have this surgery because I thought it would be painful and have a long recovery. I have never been more wrong about anything. I had surgery beginning at 11 A.M. both times and never felt anything. I never required any pain medication after the Novocain. I have a regular meal the same night.

I’m just sorry I waited so long. I can’t say enough about Dr. Hanookai and her staff. I recommend her to everyone needing periodontal work.

— William Hoeffer


I have been coming here for about 3 years. My teeth and gums are in better shape than they have been in my entire life or since I was maybe twelve years old!

This is a genuinely friendly place to have dentistry done and I think its as painless as dentistry can be. The gum surgery and general dentistry is exceptionally high quality.

— Jonathan Beggs


This team is by far the friendliest and most welcoming dental team I have ever experienced. I love the entire staff. Adrian, who so patiently whitened my teeth and was there within a push of a button when I needed hand-holding.

Dr. Hanookai and Dr. Abaian are an incredibly warm and knowledgeable couple — so much so that they are now our official Dating Ready Dental Team. They are thorough and take into consideration both dental health and aesthetics — in that order.

— Dr. Judy Rosenberg


My visit was unbelievable. The office staff was courteous and helpful, treating me almost as if I was a family member.

The dental staff was the best ever, from techs to the dentist. Everything was explained in detail after the x-rays were done, including the finances. The actual service was quick, painless and the results exceptional.

I couldn’t be happier! Never in my 55 years have I experienced such a smooth, friendly, caring and competent organization. Being in the health field, I am keenly aware of how services should be delivered and again, this was truly an exceptional experience and one I would recommend to anybody.

— Bruce Hoffman
Chief Compliance Officer
Universal Healthcare Group


Drs. Hanookai and Abaian are both the most professional and caring dentists I have ever had. I had major dental work (periodontal, implants, and crowns) done by them both as well as their excellent staff and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. I feel that I got more than my money’s worth. My teeth look and feel great. I would recommend both of these dentists to anyone seeking the best possible dental care.

—David K.


It’s been close to a year, and I’m almost done. Twelve gingival grafts; ten veneers; two implants; a sinus lift; and…oh I can’t remember everything! Was it easy? Painless? Cheap? No, no and oh, no. But it was SO worth it. I hadn’t realized it, but as I had become more self-conscious about my teeth, my smile had begun to close down. Now, thanks to Dr. Abaian’s amazing work with the veneers, my smile is wide open again. What a difference it makes! Every day is brighter.

As for my gums, Dr. Hanookai is a genius! They’re pink and healthy and I can drink ice water again for the first time in a decade.

It was a long and challenging process but both Dr. Abaian and Dr. Hanookai did their best to make it as easy on me as possible, ever mindful of my level of discomfort and doing whatever they could to alleviate it. The staff is comprised of kind and dedicated people who always do their best to accommodate me.

I’m so grateful to have found this office!

— Eleanor Lynch


My wife was referred to Dr. Hanookai for a difficult procedure. I was very happy with the way she and her staff treated my wife.

First of all, their location and parking are very convenient. They were on time on the day of the visit and all follow-ups. The doctor handled the situation very professionally and made it as painless as possible. She is a professional.

We called Dr. Hanookai one night between after the first procedure and she picked up the phone herself and helped us. She also called us twice after that, before my wife’s second appointment, to make sure everything was fine.

I hope we won’t need them anymore, but I am glad this time we landed in good hands.

—Steven C.


The whole experience was altogether great. First: it was not NEARLY as pricey as I thought it was going to be. And everyone made me feel very welcome, no one yelled at me for my negligence and lectured me on the merits of going to the dentist every week.

And the cleaning: HOLY MOLY!!! They really got in there! I mean, they explained to me all about how bacteria gets in there and … well, I’ll spare you the details. Lemme just say they SAVED my teeth and didn’t try and convince me on why I need braces and invisaline and yadda yadda upsale.”

— John D.


Letters from Our Patients:

As long as I can remember, my gums have bled and were constantly swollen.

Someone told me to gargle with hydrogen peroxide and to take Vitamin C. It didn’t work. In 1990, I was finally referred to my first periodontist. He did a complete, very deep gum cleaning. He told me I should come every year for annual deep cleanings to avert further gum recession. I already had periodontal disease. I also purchased my Rotodent from him! I used it faithfully for a year, and then stopped.

I became ill in 1992 and didn’t see another dentist until 1998. I had extensive, specialized dental work done, which included some bonding along the gum line where my teeth had further receded. I needed to find a dentist closer by. I have seen several dentists over the past few years, none to my satisfaction. I could SEE and FEEL my gums were further receding. One dentist recommended veneers to stop further gum recession! I had seen my father’s, husband’s and friends’ dental bills, loss of teeth and other complications, as they grew older. I wanted to prevent that as much as I could.

Then, a year ago, your coupon came in the mail. I made an appointment for a free consultation. You were superb — warm, friendly, knowledgeable, but most of all, honest. I asked you about getting veneers. With your usual mix of candor, humor and dedication to your work, you laughed. What? Veneers would just eventually reveal the gap between them and the continual recession of the gum line! You insisted that we must make the gums HEALTHY FIRST, then consider anything cosmetic, not vice versa. I knew then, you were the periodontist for me. However, I consulted several others to no avail.

Several months and four gum surgeries later, my gums are healthy and no longer receding. I no longer experience any sensitivity to cold or heat as I’ve always had. You runneth over with undying enthusiasm, energy, and spirit, kindled by your true passion for your work. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found you — through a couplon no less. I feel confident that I have a much better chance at curtailing aging dental difficulties due to your par excellence surgeries, requiring years of practice, teaching and ongoing training.

Thank you again for such exceptional work, understanding and compassion.

— Anita Sylvan


Even though I was very impressed by your office dynamics, technological sophistication and staff, I was still on the verge of canceling the procedure because I was afraid of possible complications.

I also wasn’t quite convinced that the procedure would be pain-free. However, afterward when I tried to remember any of it, I could not recall anything and still can’t. I don’t understand how that is possible, but clearly your treatment method was completely effective. Additionally, the pre-op literature and post-op instructions reviewed in detail and in person prior to the surgery were comprehensive and prepared me entirely for home care. There were no surprises or questions remaining after that presentation.

I am very, very happy that you chose to perform this surgery for me because I do not believe I could have received a higher level of treatment or vigilent after-care anywhere else. You offer far more than would normally be expected in health care today because you combine compassion and kindness with professional excellence.

— Cassandra Etter



I have not seen a dentist in at least 3 years. I’m not saying that to boast, but it has always been somewhat of an unpleasant experience for me. That was not the case here. I must thank all of you for your dedication, patience, and professionalism. I am very pleased with the outcome of your services, and I would recommend them to anyone.

I feel most compelled to compliment the compassion and competence that you displayed in dealing with sensitive matters. Although I may have felt slightly uncomfortable at times, due to the nature of dentistry and oral surgery, I never felt in danger; you employed skill and humor, quickly setting my mind at ease.

You have truly given me something to smile about.

— William Christopher Smith