' Options for Replacing Missing Teeth in Sherman Oaks, CA

Replace Missing Teeth in Sherman Oaks, CA

More Than 35 Million Americans Are Completely Edentulous

The Right Solution for Missing Teeth?

Out of the millions of American missing all of their teeth, more than 15 percent of them have dentures made each year. Dentures are a traditional solution to complications that affect the overall health, wellbeing and happiness of those affected by missing teeth. However, with modern advances in dental technology, durable, long-lasting dental implants have become the preferred method for reliable tooth replacement.

With Over 20 Years in Practice, Dr. Delaram Hanookai Knows Tooth Replacement

Our practice combines the skills of two experienced doctors, which allow us to offer multiple solutions to fit patients’ unique needs. We use i-CAT® 3D CT technology to virtually erase common dental implant placement errors with advanced precision planning. Combined with guided tissue regeneration for healthy gum restoration, your tooth replacement will look and feel completely natural.

  • Dental Implants

    Dental implants most closely mimic the function and look of natural teeth. This permanent option has a 98 percent success rate and is highly regarded by both patients and doctors.

  • Same-Day Full Arch Solutions

    Get a new smile today. The same day your dental implants are placed, you will be fitted with a provisional prosthesis to wear home.

  • Implant Supported Dentures

    A mix of dental implants and full arch solutions, implants are used to provide a stable foundation for a removable dental prosthesis.

  • Dentures

    A removable tooth replacement option, full arch appliances are typically made of acrylic, resin and metal. Dentures are designed to replicate your smile and sit on top of your gums.

  • Snap-On Smiles

    High-tech dental resin is used to create a strong, thin and natural-looking dental cover that fits right over your natural teeth to provide an enhanced smile solution.

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We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your treatment. If you experience dental fear or anxiety, ask us about sedation dentistry to help you relax at your next appointment. Make the switch to a better quality of life by scheduling your no-charge consultation today.

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One Patient's Review

One Patient's Review

I like this office, the feeling of it, and the doctors. Dr. Hanookai came so highly recommended, from all of the searching I've done, especially in regard to the dental implants. Dr. Hanookai did the implants and bone grafting. Dr. Abaian did all of the crown work. They both were just great. I'm very detail-oriented myself, very methodical, and I'm sort of a perfectionist, so I had a lot of questions and they answered everything. It's important to me that they have the latest equipment, because I know that I'm getting the best that the dental profession has to offer.
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