' Who is a dental implants candidate?

Who is a dental implants candidate?

The dental implants that dentists offer their patients vary. They’re generic, they’re name-brand, they’re strictly for cosmetic purposes, and they’re for dental health reasons. There is no such thing as the same set of dental implants or even the same reason for wanting the best dental implants Los Angeles CA dentists have to offer. Some people need them because of an accident or illness that took their teeth. Others aren’t happy with their smile, and they want to make it more attractive. There is no right or wrong reason to call for an estimate for the best dental implants Los Angeles CA patients can receive.

If you haven’t called our offices yet, it might be because you’re unsure if you’re a good candidate for dental implants. It’s not an uncommon thought. Many people mistakenly assume they are too young, too old, too healthy, too unhealthy, they’re too unaffordable, they’re too much work or any other reason that comes to mind. The truth is there is no real way to know if you are an ideal candidate for the best dental implants Los Angeles CA dentists offer until you call our offices and see one of our dental professionals.

What Makes You A Good Candidate for the Dental Implants Los Angeles CA Dentists Use

Not all people are great candidates for dental implants, but there are a few who make great implant patients. If you have the following, you might be an amazing candidate for the best dental implants Los Angeles CA has to offer.

  • You must have healthy gums
  • You must have enough bone so the implant can be anchored properly to your jaw
  • You must have the ability and be willing to make the commitment required to care for dental implants and the work that it takes to do so
  • You must be willing to make and show up for regular follow-up appointments with your dental professional before and after you receive your implants

What Makes You an Unlikely Candidate for the Dental Implants Los Angeles CA Dentists Use

The good news about realizing you might not be a good candidate for dental implants is also realizing the reason you are not a good candidate could be temporary. You may not be a good candidate for dental implants if you can say yes to anything on this list.

  • You are young, and your jawbone is still growing
  • You are an expectant mother
  • You are a heavy smoker
  • You abuse drugs and/or alcohol
  • You are unwilling to attend your follow-up appointments
  • You are unwilling to commit to the type of dental care needed to maintain your implants
  • You are a high-dose radiation treatment recipient
  • You live with any chronic disease
  • You take certain medication designed to suppress your immune system
  • You take certain steroids for medical purposes
  • You are guilty of severely grinding or clenching your teeth, which places unnecessary pressure on implants

The good news is none of these mean you cannot have dental implants. It depends on how serious your problem is, how much the dentist thinks your problem will affect your implants, and whether you’re capable and willing of giving up bad habits. The best thing you can do is contact your dentists to schedule an evaluation to figure out if you are a good candidate even if you think one or more of these issues might prevent you from becoming a good candidate.

The Evaluation Process

When patients enter our offices for an initial consultation prior to a dental implant surgery, dental professionals take into account several factors. The medical history of the patient, the health of the patient, and many other factors are considered. The process of receiving dental implants is a long one, and there is more than one dental professional working to create your implants.

You will make an appointment for an evaluation, and a team will gather to discuss the surgery, what you need, and how to approach the situation. Once this occurs, the surgery is scheduled. You will undergo X-rays and even a CT scan to see what’s going on in your mouth so your dental professionals can create the perfect implants for your mouth.

Once you’re past the evaluation process and ready to move forward, you’ll then discuss other options with your dental professional such as the cost, what your insurance will cover, if you qualify for monthly payment programs, if your FSA can assist, and if you have any insurance discount program benefits. You can talk to your dentist about the type of implants you’d like to use as well. There are name brand implants that come with a much higher price tag, and there are generic implants that aren’t as well rated but do come with a much more affordable price tag.

The process dental implant patients go through is a long one, and it’s not one to take lightly. This is something that can change your smile forever, but it’s also something that can fail if you’re unwilling to care for the new implants you receive. Don’t make this commitment unless you are willing and able to care for what you’re about to receive.

Call our offices now to schedule your consultation, evaluation, and to receive an estimate regarding cost. You won’t know until your dentist evaluates your mouth precisely how much it will cost or if you are even a good candidate for dental implants. Before you assume you’re not and there is nothing you can do to help, call our offices to schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals.

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