' Porcelain Veneers Advice from Southland Dental Care

25 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Advice from Southland Dental Care

When you are unhappy with your smile, the whole world thinks you are frowning at them. A sour look usually does not get you good results. You deserve a smile you are proud to present to everyone.

Here is some general information along with a few things to consider regarding porcelain veneers.

Benefits to Porcelain Veneers

    1. Brighten Your Smile
      Many people want perfectly white teeth. What they do not realize is how artificial pure white teeth appear. With your help and input, your dental specialist will match your veneers for a natural look.
      No need to worry, if you feel your teeth have a yellowed look, just talk with the dentist about your concerns. Subtle techniques can brighten your smile to give you the effect you want.
    2. Correct Gapped Teethteeth gap before veneers gap after

Occasionally, a gapped-toothed smile may be charming. If you are over the age of five, gaps in your teeth lose their appeal. Veneers are one of the least invasive methods used to correct spaces or gaps in your teeth. Surgical correction and orthodontic treatment take far longer, the potential side effects are worse and often these interventions fail in adults.

  1. Porcelain Veneers Last 20 Years or More
    Depending on your dentist’s skill, veneers last 20 years or longer with proper care. Choosing the best Los Angeles dentist is critical when considering veneers. If an unskilled dental provider offers veneers, chances your veneers will last two to five years are slim.
  2. Get Only the Number of Veneers You Need
    Often, people require fewer veneers than expected. You and your dentist will determine how many porcelain veneers you need for your mouth.
  3. Alternatives to Gray or Discolored Teeth
    Over time, a tooth with a root canal often appears dark and discolored. Accidents or injuries can do the same. Certain medications cause discolored teeth. When appropriate, porcelain veneers offer an alternative to invasive crowns. Bleach and whitening treatments seldom, if ever, work for a tooth discolored due to medication or damage.
  4. Correct Cracks in Your Teeth
    Your teeth can easily crack when you dive into the shallow end of the swimming pool when you are twelve. A dental bond improves the appearance of your two front teeth. However, with time cracks show where your tooth ends, and a dental bond begins. Granted, there are other reasons a tooth might crack. Veneers offer a great alternative to showing cracked teeth when you smile.
  5. Porcelain Veneers Resist Stains and Streaks
    As a non-porous material, porcelain resists stains that leave your other teeth vulnerable to discoloration. Nonetheless, smokers are the only group known to prove the exception here.
  6. Alter the Appearance of Worn Teeth
    Grinding your teeth can cause the surface to wear away. With age, many people find their teeth appear worn and thin. Porcelain veneers improve the look and feel of worn teeth.
  7. Improve the Look of a Crooked or Misaligned Tooth
    Often, a smile appears off because of one or two teeth that are a little crooked, buck out or are too crowded for your mouth. Adolescent orthodontic care typically addresses the worst of these problems. Adults commonly have a tooth with an uneven appearance. When that tooth directly collides with the path of your smile, a veneer can correct the tooth’s appearance without an invasive crown.
  8. Correct One Or More Chipped Teeth
    Accidents and injuries can lead to chipped teeth. When the chip is small, and the tooth is otherwise undamaged, a veneer can erase the reminder of a painful accident.
  9. Replace an Expensive and Cumbersome Whitening Process
    Leave whitening trays, bleach mixtures and other time-consuming procedures behind when you get porcelain veneers. Veneers remain impervious to a bleach or whitening process.
  10. Resolve Marked Tooth Appearance from Medical Treatments
    Certain medical procedures and treatments are known to cause discolored teeth as a side effect. Chemotherapy treatment can darken or discolor your teeth. Do not forego recommended medical treatment!
  11. Improve Beverage-Induced Tooth Discoloration
    While most people know that coffee or tea can stain your teeth, many remain unaware of the damage and tooth color leached by carbonated beverages.
  12. Modify Teeth Appearing Dark-Tinted or Etched by Stomach Acid
    When stomach acid encounters your teeth, count on acid to win. Acid reflux, (GERD), bulimia and related conditions create conditions for stomach acid to reach your teeth. Acid etches teeth, leaving an unsightly appearance.
    Several Reasons to Choose the Top-Rated Dental Clinic in Los Angeles
    Crafting porcelain veneers is a skill few dentists take the time to learn. Many dental clinics send everything to a lab for cookie-cutter veneers instead of creating veneers themselves and sending it to the lab only for final details. Multiple varieties of veneers are simply press-on type surfaces to temporarily mask your teeth.
    Only trust a dentist fully qualified in the art of crafting porcelain veneers. Choose a dental clinic with outstanding reviews on Google and Yelp. Find the best dentist in Los Angeles who will listen for problems that need special adjustments before proceeding with the veneer process.
  13. Tooth Surface Viability
    Talk with your dentist to ensure your tooth’s surface can support a veneer. If not, your tooth might need a build-up or bone grafts to support a veneer or another intervention.
  14. Repairing a Chipped Tooth
    See your dentist as soon as you chip a tooth. Significant damage occurs if most chips go untreated.
  15. Change Beverages to Protect New Veneers
    While porcelain veneers can correct teeth discolored by carbonated beverages, nothing can prevent further tooth damage if you continue to consume carbonated drinks. You can damage your veneers by doing so, as carbonation increases the risk of bacteria getting between the veneer and your tooth’s surface. Switching to diet drinks does not decrease the risk to your teeth. While you can have the occasional carbonated drink, brush your teeth as soon as possible afterward.
  16. Choose Only the Best Dental Provider
    Once your veneer is color-matched and placed permanently on your tooth, bleach or whiteners cannot adjust the color. This makes locating the top-rated dentist in Los Angeles particularly important.
  17. Discuss Your Teeth Grinding
    If you experience severe bruxism, (grinding your teeth), then talk with your dentist before pushing for veneers. You may need a special formula, such as Feldspathic materials, or a bite guard.
  18. Be Candid with Your Dentist About Past and Current Habits or Conditions
    If you fully resolve a disorder or illness causing acid to reach teeth, then porcelain veneers can correct the cosmetic damage to your teeth. If you smoke, consider quitting as veneers typically do not last quite as long in a smoker’s mouth.
  19. Discuss Any Special Medical Conditions
    While it may darken your teeth, chemotherapy will keep you alive and porcelain veneers will correct the discolored teeth. Medications such as Tetracycline can cause permanently discolored teeth. However, medical science did not know that for some time, and you might have taken it during that time. Talk to your dental provider at Southland Dental Care and be candid with them. Their entire staff will work with you to make your dental experience successful.
  20. Veneers Reduce Anxiety
    Porcelain veneers improve your outlook and self-confidence. Let everyone see the beautiful person you are once you no longer feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth.
  21. Discover A New Outlook
    Don’t spend another minute mumbling while your hand hides your teeth. For years porcelain veneers have transformed lives. Contact Southland Dental Care to see if veneers can change your life.
  22. Veneers Provide a Quick Way to Correct Dental Imperfection
    When done correctly, porcelain veneers offer a fast, easy method to improve the appearance of imperfect teeth. All other corrective measures involve losing much of your healthy tooth. Veneers offer the least invasive correction of any treatment.
  23. Reviews Reflect Patients Believe Southland Dental is the Best Dental Practice In LA
    Most people do not leave a review on Google or Yelp unless they do not like the service. This does not hold true for Southland Dental. These independent and unsolicited patient assessments on Yelp Reviews and Google Reviewsshow happy patients leave reviews as well.

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