' A Guide to All On Four Dental Implant Procedure

All on four dental implants are one of the more highly recommended alternatives to dentures. As one is one of the most popular dental reconstructive methods, the all on four procedure replaces all the teeth on the lower or upper with only four implants. With this procedure dentists can replace the whole smile in a single day. This procedure is often advertised as one of the fastest ways to get your smile back. However, for all on four procedures to be the most successful, your teeth need to be in the right condition

All On Four Los Angeles: How it Works

All on fours can be completed in one day, but typically shouldn’t. The best way to complete this procedure is to allow enough time for the final teeth to be made and assess them for the feel, look and bite. To allow enough time for this entire procedure, it is best to allow the process more than one day for completion. Additionally, for this method to offer the most value, this procedure must be performed on the right candidate and with enough time to ensure that the quality isn’t compromised.

As popular as the all on 4 Los Angeles procedure is, it is important to thoroughly understand the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure. When using this procedure, candidates can expect the advantages of no bone grafts, purposeful angulation used to spread fewer dental implants towards the back, same day extraction and implants, as well as a reduced cost when compared to similar procedures for dental reconstruction.

When considering the disadvantages of all on our procedures, candidates must understand that the all on 4 dental implant Los Angeles offers significantly less support than the natural teeth would. Additionally, with the all on 4 dental implant Los Angeles has, the molars are never replaced, leaving the mouth vulnerable in this area—where the mouth has the most significant bite force. Another disadvantage is that the reduced cost of this procedure is made possible by using a “fixed hybrid” implant. This option uses fixed dentures that are more susceptible to damage and in need of more maintenance.

To have the most successful dental reconstruction, it is recommended to have five implants for the lower and six implants for the upper. This is really the minimum number of implants required for long-term use. In an ideal reconstruction, the all on 4 dental implant Los Angeles has should typically have a ceramic or zirconia bridge, as opposed to a hybrid. In a hybrid, the plastic teeth are fused together to a metal base. With patients that have a heavier bite force and larger jaw, eight implants may be needed for the upper and between six and eight on the lower.

Even though all on 4 Los Angeles procedures promises “no bone grafting”, this is not always the case. For a truly successful procedure, bone grafting is often necessary. For patients that have their sinuses further into their mouth, a sinus bone graft may be required.

All on Four Alternatives

Most professionals would recommend porcelain teeth as the best alternative to all on four Los Angeles procedures. Patients that have enough space in their mouths would likely prefer this procedure. With porcelain teeth, dental reconstruction candidates will not experience chipping, staining, and breaking, like one might with plastic hybrid dentures. When considering alternatives within the all on four Los Angeles procedure, dentists do recommend using screws instead of cement.

Rarely is the all on four Los Angeles procedure the best option, simply because it is essentially a “one size fits all” approach to dental recnstruction. candidates for dental reconstruction that can afford to choose a more customized solution for their teeth will be better off in the long run.

What to Expect with All on Four

The process for the all on 4 dental implant Los Angeles offers patients starts with the initial consultation. Generally, this includes a CT scan, an oral evaluation, and a discussion regarding various alternatives. The scan will assess the health of your jawbone and will identify any bone loss, as well as the anatomic structure of your mouth.

Patients that are chosen as viable candidates for the all on four Los Angeles has will then have impressions or molds made of their lower and upper jaws. Using these molds, the dental technicians can then fabricate the dental bridge for the implants. These are essentially the all on 4 dental implant Los Angeles gives candidates that undergo the surgery.

During the Treatment

On the day of the all on 4 Los Angeles procedure, candidates will be prepped for the surgery with detailed instructions and the required sedatives. Once the procedure begins, the surgeon will remove all of the damaged teeth that remain, as well as any infected tissue from the gums and jaw. Following this, the surgeon will install the dental implants.

Two of the dental implants will be placed at the front of the lower jaw. The last two are placed in a 45-degree angle towards the back of the jaw. The implants must be placed very strategically to ensure that the surgery is successful.

Following the surgery and recovery, patients will be given their final set of teeth. These will be adjusted for the fit, bite, and for comfort.

Caring for Teeth Afterwards

After the all on 4 Los Angeles surgery, patients must be sure to care properly for their implants. This will involve a thorough oral routine, eating soft foods, as well as staying away from drinking, smoking, heavy exercise, and contact sports. Any exceedingly rough activity that disturbs the mouth will compromise the implants bonding to the jawbone.

Some patients may experience pain after the surgery. The all on 4 Los Angeles has for patients requires that doctors prescribe pain pills, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, and anything else that may help with the discomfort. As implants heal over a period of weeks and months, the jawbone will form a strong bond with the implants. Once the bond is strong enough, one can return to a normal diet.

As you continue to research other alternatives for dental reconstruction, it is important to continue to be advised by a professional. An experienced dentist will be able to properly evaluate your condition and can provide the best option for your situation. The all on fours Los Angeles offers aren’t for every candidate. If you are considering them, make sure this procedure is the best one for you.

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