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How Much Does a Denture Cost?

Affordable Dentures in Los Angeles

Affordable Dentures – How Much Does a Denture Cost?

Finding a clinic that offers affordable dentures in Los Angeles can be challenging. With so many dental clinics offering the service, you should at least know the basic pricing for this service to choose the best offer. The cost of having a denture varies from one clinic to another. If you are planning to have dentures, do research first. Dentures come in different types and each type comes with a different price. Ask your dentist to discuss the difference between porcelain and a plastic denture first.

What Is a Denture?

Dentures are one of the most popular options when it comes to replacing missing teeth. It is custom-made to ensure accurate fit on your mouth. The accurate fit also ensures that it will look natural once you put it on. Dentures are held by suction or dental adhesive. It is removable for easier cleaning. Cleaning dentures is also easy as it can be done at home with commercialized denture cleaning products like Polident cleanser.

How Much Does Denture Cost?

If you are looking for affordable partial dentures near me, you should know the cost of dentures in Los Angeles varies from one dental clinic to another. Factors that will affect the cost of your dentures are the number of teeth to be replaced, the position of the new denture, and the material to use for your denture. You also have to consider if you want a traditional denture or denture implant.

Dentures price could start from $500 to $1800 in Los Angeles, CA. This could be basic partial denture or full set of dentures.

You may have heard about $99 dentures, with out 0% financing, your payment could be even less than $99 per month. 

For the entire process of having a denture, you can start with consultation first. Southland Dental Care offers free consultation. We will check your teeth and make recommendations as to the type of denture to have. If there is a need to remove more teeth, then you have to pay for the extraction.

If your dentist sees the need for an x-ray, you have to shoulder it as well.

Having a denture is not a one-day process unless it is a replacement and you requested for a same-day denture. The process involves consultation, oral checkup, fitting, and more fittings until the denture becomes fit comfortably.

Once your denture is completed, you have to consider additional costs such as repairs in case it breaks. A repair can cost $50 to $200 or more. After wearing your denture for years, it can lose its fit and you have to realign it. Relining of dentures cost $250 to $450.

You also have to consider getting a cleaning kit for your dentures and it costs $10 to $50.

What Is Denture Implant?

Denture implant is also a solution for missing tooth or teeth. However, it costs more than having dentures. The difference between the two is that denture implants are permanent, and it is a lifetime solution. As for dentures, dentures are removable, breakable, and you have to replace it at least every 5 or 10 years.

Unlike dentures that can be made in partial or full, denture implant is done with up to four implants per arch. As compared to the dental implant that requires one tooth per implant, denture implant is cheaper and is easier to install because of the four implants per arch rule.

How Much Do Dentures Implants Cost in Los Angeles?

Dentures implants cost in Los Angeles cost around $2000 to $10000 or even more depending on treatments needed for a set of four.  Though it is more expensive than having a traditional denture, a denture implant is more stable, looks more natural, and lasts longer than a normal denture. If you will decide between dental implants vs. dentures and you are after longevity and look, dental implants are better provided that you can afford it.

Is It Possible to Have Same-Day Dentures in Los Angeles?

Same day dentures in Los Angeles are now possible with all-on-4 denture implant treatment. This procedure aims to bring back your beautiful smile within 24 hours. The process involves having x-ray and scan. This is to check if the implant supported dentures are possible for you. A 3-D mold of your mouth will be taken as well to prepare your prosthetic teeth. Once everything is ready, your dentist can do the extraction and it will be replaced by temporary teeth while your gums are healing.

Once your gums are set, you can now have your permanent teeth implanted by your one day denture clinic. All-on-4 denture implant treatment is highly recommended if you want a full set of permanent dentures. Each implant comes with four teeth hence it is called all-on-4.

What Is Your Dentures Alternative in Los Angeles?

There are two other treatments to replace a missing tooth in Los Angeles. You can either have a dental implant or an all-on-4 dental implant. A dental implant is more costly and requires one tooth per implant. A dental implant can cost around $2500 per tooth. It is a permanent solution and the tooth feels and looks natural. If you are missing a single tooth, a dental implant will work for you. if you are missing a full set, having all-on-4 denture implant is more practical for you.

With this information about dentures and dental implant, you can now start searching for affordable dentures and bring that beautiful smile of yours today!

Are Affordable Same Day Dentures the Best Option

We all the advances in dentistry, dentures are more like a legacy dental treatment for missing teeth. While for some patients dentures might be a better treatment plan, it is yet not considered as a permanent solution to missing teeth.

Dental implants are considered as the ultimate solution to missing teeth. With proper care, dental implants could last a lifetime. Of course the experience and the quality of the materials used also affect the life span of your implants.

In addition with dental implants you don’t have to be worry about finding affordable denture repair clinics anymore. Cheap dentures may not last long and you may end of paying a lot of money for repairs. In addition, dentures won’t look like your natural teeth. 


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