Everyone admires perfect teeth, but most decide that those are only for celebrities and models. In Sherman Oaks, CA, Annie decided that she deserved to have red carpet worthy teeth, too. With Southland Dental Care, she made the leap to get porcelain veneers, proving that celebrity teeth aren’t just for celebrities.

Why Annie Started Her Journey

Annie loved her front two teeth. They were just about perfect. The teeth around them, however, were another story. The two teeth immediately next to her front teeth grew in small, almost like baby teeth, and she had another discolored “dead” tooth. She felt very self-conscious about her smile, so she wanted to get veneers and have the smile she had always dreamed of.

The Journey

Annie came to Southland Dental Care to get her veneers put in. They whitened her teeth so they would match a veneer shade, and a week later she went back to match the color of her front teeth to a veneer. The plan was just to match colors, but they decided to dive right in and give Annie her veneers. They filed down her teeth, sanding the ones she was getting veneers on and removing calcifications and spots, until she was left with little stubs of her old teeth. These teeth were covered with temporary veneers exactly like the original teeth and left for another week.

Once the final veneers were out of the lab, Annie was able to go see them and give the okay on the shape and color. She thought they looked amazing and was very impressed with the professionalism of the guy who designed the teeth. As a man who had designed teeth for celebrities, models, and makeover shows, he definitely exceeded Annie’s expectations. Another week later, Annie finally got her veneers in.

The Result

Annie was very impressed and happy with her proportionate, white teeth at the end of the process. She said she finally felt confident with her smile, which looked both natural and perfect. As a lifelong admirer of good teeth, she asserted that these were teeth she would have admired on someone else. Out of all of the procedures she has had done, including eyelash extensions and laser hair removal, this is by far her favorite. She says that Southland Dental Care has changed her life.

Financing Veneers

Annie was worried she wouldn’t be able to afford veneers. She wanted them for years and asked many dentists, but she thought she would not be able to handle them financially. However, Southland Dental Care allowed her to pay in monthly installments with no interest, giving her the chance to get the smile of her dreams.

A Smile Like Annie’s

Annie has proven that anyone, not just celebrities, can get perfect, celebrity-quality teeth. No one should feel self-conscious about their smile; everyone should have the teeth they want. With this Sherma