Things You Might Not Know About Dental Implants

The dental implants before and after pictures in this page will help you get a clear picture of the dental implant procedure worth going through and what exactly happens during the prosthetic implant process. These case studies show how life becomes easy for patients with dental implants and how it has turned their lives around.

Dental Implant Before and after photos

Types Of Dental Implants

When choosing a dental implant, there are three main types you need to be aware of. Knowing the differences between dental implants before and after each allows you to make a more intelligent decision when deciding on implants before and After for your teeth. Some of the types include:

1. Same-Day Tooth Implants Before and After an Extraction

Same-day tooth placement of dental implants before and after pictures after extractions is possible when the extraction socket is adequate to accommodate an implant. The tooth implant is placed in a bone graft, which helps to ensure that you don’t have to wait for the bone to heal before receiving a replacement tooth. This allows your dentist to place an artificial tooth during the same appointment as before and after extractions and pain management.

2. Single Dental Implants Supported Crowns – Before and After

Single tooth implant-supported crowns are not just aesthetically pleasing but durable and comfortable. They are made using the same dental implant technology used in a single tooth bridge and fixed bridge. Instead of placing multiple crowns on the implant, the only difference is that you put one – single tooth implant-supported crown.

3. Multiple Dental Implants Supported Bridges – Before and After<