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Delaram Hanookai DDS. excels in advanced dental surgery

Over 15 years, Dr. Delaram Hanookai has established a record of excellence in advanced dental work. Her patients tell of her superior skills, her ability to avoid pain in surgical procedures, and her friendly and caring approach.
Indeed, few can doubt that award-winning periodontist & dental implant specialist Dr. Delaram Hanookai is among the best in her field. She has an outstanding reputation in the Los Angeles area.
Evidence of her superior abilities can be found in her strong educational background, her ongoing studies of the latest in advanced dental procedures, and her grateful patients’ comments. As a result, attempts in recent false reports to besmirch her name have fallen on deaf ears to those who know her and her work, particularly to those who have used her services.
Here’s a look at some of the reasons Dr. Hanookai has such a strong standing as a periodontist & dental implant specialist.
Her expertise

Dental implants

Today’s technology enables missing teeth to be replaced with an implant. The artificial tooth consists of a root part that is inserted in the gum in the place where the missing tooth would be. The root is then capped with a crown. The result is a normal looking tooth that can last for a lifetime.
Even groups of missing teeth can be replaced by dental implants.
A dental implant is the best way to replace missing teeth. The benefits are great. Dental implants prevent further loss of bone, can prevent you from looking older than you are, and can return a smile to those who have been avoiding smiling by trying to hide their missing teeth. In addition, implants enable you to eat more effectively. Those fruits that are so nutritious can now be eaten without a problem.
Gone is the sad look that many people get when they are missing a number of teeth.
Dr. Hanookai is highly skilled at dental implants. She performs them without pain, using the latest and most effective techniques.

Grafting bone and gum tissue

Sometimes bone in the mouth needs to be built up so that dental implants can be placed in it.
Gum tissue also can be grafted into the mouth to cover exposed root surfaces.
Here, again, Dr. Hanookai excels in performing these surgical procedures. She realizes that these procedures are not only clinical, but also can change a person’s life. People who for years have not chewed easily or for whom smiling was painful are now able to do so effortlessly.

Other dental surgical procedures

When necessary, Dr. Hanookai performs surgical procedures, such as the removal of wisdom teeth, painlessly and effectively.

Sedation dentistry

Whatever the surgical procedure that is being undertaken, Dr. Hanookai is renowned for her excellence in sedation dentistry, which helps patients relax during the entire duration of their time in the dental chair.
The procedures are conducted in such an effective way that patients simply fall asleep and wake up to learn that the treatment has been completed.

Laser dentistry

Using her skills in laser dentistry, Dr. Hanookai can change the appearance and shape of gums in a short time with little discomfort on the part of the patient. The reason is that laser dentistry does not require anesthesia and can cut out the need for sutures.
The change that this surgery can bring about can change lives, yet it takes only a short time with almost no pain at all to perform.

Team approach

In her dental practice, Dr. Hanookai emphasizes a team approach. With her staff, she is dedicated to providing her patients with the leading procedures in dental technology accompanied by top-quality care.

Dr. Delaram Hanookai DDS. background

Educational record

Before entering private practice, Dr. Delaram Hanookai established an impressive educational record, including becoming a fellow or a member of leading dental associations, all of which have equipped her well for her work as a periodontist & dental implant specialist.
She was so highly regarded that she served as a clinical instructor of periodontics at the University of Southern California (USC).
She has received the California Society of Periodontology Award for outstanding surgical skills and earned a doctorate in dental surgery from the USC — where she specialized in periodontics and implantology — and a Master of Science degree in craniofacial biology at Cal State Northridge, where she earned a position on the dean’s list.
Dr. Hanookai is certified in dental laser treatment and conscious oral sedation. She earned a certificate of appreciation for her 10 years work as part-time faculty at USC School of Dentistry, where she also received a certificate of service.

Continuing to learn

But Dr. Hanookai has not stopped expanding her knowledge since she started her practice. Determined to be ahead of the latest advancements in dentistry, Dr. Hanookai has continued to pursue advanced training at the Misch Implant Institute, a global leader in dental implantology training.

Member of leading dental bodies

Over the years she has built an impressive record of organizations to which she belongs. She is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), one of the world’s leading dental associations; a Fellow of the Misch Implant Institute; and a member of American Academy of Periodontology. She also is a member of The American Dental Association, the California Dental Association, and the San Fernando Dental Society.

Praise from patients

Dr. Hanookai has received many accolades from satisfied patients.
They applaud her professional approach and the use of the latest in equipment and techniques, which gives them confidence that not only does she have superior skills, but also that she is using the most up-to-date equipment that the dental profession can provide.
Among the phrases that they use regularly are:

  • She provides a superior professional service.
  • She goes the extra mile.
  • Her procedures are comfortable and painless.
  • She provides exceptional professional and friendly service.

One patient sums it up by calling her “awesome.”

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