The foundation of quality dental care and prevention is brushing the teeth regularly. To brush your teeth, you can use both the manual and the electric toothbrush to remove plaque, resulting in tooth decay and periodontal diseases. The manual and electric toothbrushes possess some distinct benefits and disadvantages. Let’s explore the electric vs. manual toothbrush.

Electric Vs. Manual Toothbrush: Benefits

Electric tooth has bristles that rotate or vibrate to help eliminate plaque buildup from the gums and teeth. The vibration permits for more micro-movements each time the toothbrush moves across the teeth. On the other hand, manual toothbrushes do not have whistles and bells found in most electric toothbrushes.


An electric toothbrush is more effective than a manual toothbrush because it reduces gingivitis and more plaque. When it comes to individuals with limited mobility, an electric toothbrush works best for them since they do not have to apply pressure to clean their teeth like using a manual toothbrush.


A manual toothbrush does not have a timer; hence, you might fail to brush your teeth sufficiently. On the other hand, an electric toothbrush helps you to clean the teeth sufficiently enough to get rid of any form of plaque on gums and teeth.


When it comes to electric vs. manual toothbrush in terms of wastage, electric toothbrush causes less waste. This is because, during replacement, you only purchase the toothbrush head. For the manual toothbrush, you have to throw it away and purchase another one.

Improved Dental Health in Individuals with Orthodontic Devices

If you have an orthodontic appliance in your mouth, you might be wondering between electric and manual toothbrushes which one is best for you. Electric toothbrushes tend to improve oral health since they make brushing easier.

Safety for Gums

An electric or manual toothbrush might not hurt the enamel or gums if you use it properly. They both promote dental health.

Cost of Electric Vs. Manual Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush is more expensive compared to a manual toothbrush. The prices of an electric toothbrush will depend on whether the brush is disposable or replaceable. When it comes to getting a replacement toothbrush, it might be difficult or less convenient. On the other hand, a manual toothbrush is easily accessible. You can find it at any gas station, grocery store, pharmacy, or dollar store. You can also use it from anywhere at any time since it does not require any charging.

Electric vs. Manual Toothbrush for Young Children and Toddlers

Buy for your kid a toothbrush that they are likely to use. Go for a brush with soft bristles and a toothbrush head that is appealing to the kids. For young children, both electric and manual toothbrushes are effective.


Both manual and electric toothbrush effectively brush your teeth if you clean sufficiently and use proper methods. Generally, an electric toothbrush makes brushing easier, leading to better elimination of plaque. If you have any questions regarding which type of toothbrush is good for you, do not hesitate to contact us.