' Emergency Dentistry for the City of Los Angeles

Emergency Dentistry During Covid-19 in Los Angeles, CA

Emergency Dentistry for the City of Los Angeles

At Southland Dental Care, Dr. Delaram Hanookai and Dr. Michael Abaian provide emergency dentistry for patients who have been with us for some time and new patients. You may need urgent dental care at any time, and we will work with all our patients to help them remain healthy, safe, and comfortable. We have also implemented new procedures to deal with COVID-19. We aim to make our office the safest place that you and your family can visit.

How Does Emergency Dental Care Work?

When you have a dental emergency, you should call us immediately. We can schedule a time for you to come in, and we can even fit you in on the same day in most cases. We work diligently with patients to help them remain calm. We can quickly get through your insurance information. We can help you see our dentists, and you can visit before the emergency gets out of hand.

When you need urgent dental care, you should call us first so that we can give you advice. We want you to make wise choices before you come to the office. Additionally, we can give the dentists more information before you arrive. This process helps you get emergency dental care faster. Emergency dentistry is all about timing, and we do not waste time.

We can move up a procedure you already needed, or we can do a quick procedure to handle the problem. You have some control over the care you get. We can give you options, and we will let you choose. We can also help you with pain after the fact. Our dentists can prescribe pain medication, and we can prescribe home remedies to help. We want you to have the best experience, and much of that experience includes pain management.

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Who Can Receive Emergency Dentistry?

We can provide emergency dentistry to anyone from parents to children. Urgent dental care cannot wait because these emergencies can be painful and frightening. We handle urgent dental care issues as quickly as possible to keep our patients at ease. We also offer a complete breakdown of what needs to be done before beginning. Our Southland Dental Care team can explain how much emergency dentistry costs. We also explain how much insurance pays for urgent dental care, and how you will be billed.

When children come into the office, we give them tender care. We know that emergency dentistry for kids is scary. Kids do not like the dentist, but we are gentle and nurturing. You can come back with your child, and you can be sure they are safe.

Are Followup Appointments Required?

Urgent dental care that we provide can solve many problems quickly. We hope that our emergency dentistry is the end of the issue. However, we know that followups might be needed. Once urgent dental care has been provided, we can schedule your followup. Dr. Michael Abaian or Dr. Delaram Hanookai will check your teeth, prescribe treatment, and help you get back to normal.

If we need multiple followups, we will explain why. Our clerical team can schedule these appointments today. We can let you know when the best times to schedule are. We can verify all appointments. We take care of everything so that you can get back to your daily routine.

Urgent dental care is a “band-aid” that can make the problem go away, but there could be underlying issues. We need to address those issues today. We also want to be honest with you about what needs to be done. A followup or two will help us identify the problem and prescribe treatment. We are very careful when you have an emergency because we cannot rush a diagnosis. You deserve the best care even when you need immediate help to manage pain.

How Do We Handle COVID-19 Concerns?

When you come in for emergency dentistry, you are likely not thinking about the coronavirus. We take care of everything for you. We use a PPE disinfectant electric fogger machine for each room. We clean rooms between patients, and you do not enter until it is safe. We are constantly washing our hands. We do not allow sick employees to come to work, and we have created a sterile environment.

The safety of your family is of the utmost importance. We treat you like family, and we keep everything very clean. At the same time, we ask that patients tell us if they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

If your emergency dentistry appointment has to move from one room to another, we disinfect both. The electric fogger machine is easy to use, and you can smell out clean it is. Plus, you can see if cleaning surfaces as we go. We are very careful so that you can relax.

We have also set up the waiting room to help with social distancing. We will not pack the waiting room, and we pace our patients to ensure that the office is not backed up.

What Are Some Common Dental Emergencies

We know that patients often do not know what constitutes an emergency. Some people think they can wait for a day or two before calling. However, other patients need to see us immediately. Consider these situations worthy of urgent dental care:

  • Lost filling
  • Lost caps
  • Broken teeth
  • Abscesses
  • Intense bleeding on your gums
  • Lost teeth or knocked out teeth
  • Extreme wisdom tooth pain
  • Any other toothache
  • Root canals that cannot wait
  • Lockjaw

When you call for assistance, let us know what has happened. We can assess the situation, and we can help you take action. We may need to move up previously scheduled procedures. We can help you minimize the pain. We will bring you into the office, and we can fit you in.

Lost fillings and lost caps can be painful because the interior of the tooth is exposed. We know that this can be difficult, but we can give you some advice to handle the pain. Abscesses need to be treated quickly before they develop an infection. Lost teeth or knocked-out teeth need to be cleaned and disinfected. Extreme wisdom tooth pain might mean you need to have them extracted the same day.

Toothaches might be minor, but some are so intense you need to see us right now. Root canals cannot wait when you can feel intense pain in a place that was not so bad before. Lockjaw should also be treated by our emergency dentistry team to prevent further injury.

We have an answer to all these problems, and we are available to talk with you today.

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When you need urgent dental care, we have the answer. We have taken every precaution to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and our dentist can fit anyone in. We will tend to your emergency dental needs, help your kids, and move quickly. Visit us no matter where you are in Los Angeles and return for routine dental cleanings and additional dental services.

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