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Emergency Walk-In Dentist Services

Emergency Walk-in Dentistry

If you are experiencing tooth pain or looking for emergency dental services in Los Angeles, Call Southland Dental Care for a same day dental appointment. Dental emergency could happen to anyone therefore we accept emergency walk-in and same-day dental appointment. According to the American Center for Disease Control, one out of every four Americans will experience total tooth decay at some point in their lives. However, what is more alarming is that an increasing number of Americans delay their dental visits until the pain becomes too severe, leading to increased dental expenses.

Where to go for Emergency Dentistry in Los Angeles?

Southland Dental Care’s emergency dentists specifically helps patients that require urgent dental care. No matter where you live in Los Angeles, you can Call Southland Dental Care and schedule a walk-in or same day dental appointment.

When Should I Seek Urgent Dental Care?

Generally speaking, you should seek urgent care with a same day dentist if you’re experiencing severe toothache pain, have an infection that could be life-threatening, experience severe bleeding or need an emergency procedure done in order to prevent tooth loss. An emergency dentist may be able to perform same-day procedures that can prevent tooth loss.

In cases where the affected tooth cannot be salvaged, an emergency tooth extraction can be done to alleviate your pain. Antibiotics may be prescribed to treat infections. An emergency tooth extraction can also prevent serious infections that can endanger your life if left untreated, and your local dentist will consult with an emergency oral surgeon if surgery is needed.

Most Common Dental Emergencies

Lost crowns or fillings

When you lose crowns or fillings, part of the crown or filling can become dislodged inside your teeth. The inside of your teeth is made of a layer of a thin, soft substance called dentin. Past that is the pulp chamber, a network of blood vessels and nerve endings that can become badly inflamed or infected when your filling or crown breaks. When these nerve endings and blood vessels become infected, it causes severe pain and/or bleeding.

A crown or filling can become dislodged over time, or it can be the result of an injury that has knocked the crown or filling loose. When you have a dislodged crown or filling, your dentist will need to scrape the affected area. You will be given a shot of Novacaine to deaden the nerves within your teeth as they clean the affected area. A new filling or crown is then affixed to the tooth.

Severe toothache

There are many different causes of severe toothache such as gum disease, cavities that have penetrated the tooth into the pulp chamber or injuries caused by trauma. Children naturally experience toothache pain while teething and later as they reach early childhood, when their baby teeth fall out and their permanent adult teeth begin to grow. Very often, this type of pain can be relieved with over-the-counter remedies. However, if the child is too young for OTC remedies or the toothache doesn’t improve within a week, they may need specialized care from a dentist.

Toothache is also very common in adults, especially as they age. There are several causes of toothache in adults, such as cavities, sensitivity to very hot or very cold food and drink or oral illnesses like mouth cancer.


Tooth trauma is often caused by a severe injury such as those caused by car accidents. This can cause your teeth to dislodge, causing your gums to bleed. In very minor cases, you can still save your tooth as long as you keep it moisturized. When you visit a dentist, they will assess any damage to the tooth and determine if the tooth can be salvaged.

Southland Dental Care in Los Angeles Can Help You

Southland Dental Care is no accepting new patients in Los Angele. We provide emergency dental extraction and same day dental treatment services for the greater Los Angeles area including the cities of Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Arcadia, Santa Monica, Palmdale and the surrounding regions. We also provide same day tooth extraction in Los Angeles. You can call our emergency walk in dentist office in Los Angeles at (818) 788-8787 to schedule a same day dental appointment with our local dentist.

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