' Full Arch Dental Implants vs Dentures

Full Arch Dental Implants vs Dentures

Full Arch Dental Implants vs Dentures

Full arch dental implants vs dentures? Which is your go-to restorative solution for replacing missing teeth? Surprisingly, only 6% of the population seeks restorative surgery to replace a missing tooth. That’s why tooth loss remains a massive problem in the US.

While it’s possible to live with a few missing teeth, tooth loss has far-reaching consequences. Besides ruining your dental health, smile, and facial looks, missing teeth often lead to life-threatening conditions such as stroke, heart disease, cancer, and hypertension.

If you or your loved one are missing one or more teeth and looking for dental implants near me, we can help. At Southland Dental Care, we’re committed to restoring your smile and dental health. Our resident dentist, Dr. Delaram Hanookai, will help you pick the best treatment option. Working with a skilled dentist is crucial in breaking the full arch dental implants vs dentures dilemma.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement solution for missing teeth. Dental implants comprise tiny titanium screws surgically implanted into your jawbone and serve as the root of a new prosthetic tooth. Once the dentist places the implant in your jaw, it fuses with your jawbone tissue.

Since dental implants replace the roots you lost after tooth removal, they often win the dental implants vs dentures argument. Dentists use implants to replace a missing tooth, a set of teeth, or an entire teeth arch.

Once the implant heals and fuses with your jawbone, it acts as an anchor point for dental prosthetics such as dental bridges, crowns, and dentures. If you’ve lost several teeth, Dr. Delaram Hanookai will likely recommend full arch dental implants vs dentures.

What are Full Arch Dental Implants?

Full arch dental implants are an excellent way to rebuild your smile and restore full mouth function following substantial tooth loss. These implants replicate the function of lost tooth roots to support an entire set of prosthetic teeth.
Typically, it takes one dental implant to replace a missing tooth. However, replacing every root is impractical if you miss several teeth in a row.

Instead, Dr. Delaram Hanookai will place four to six dental implants on your jaw and use them to support a complete set of prosthetic teeth. Full arch dental implants can replace up to 12 teeth on both the upper and lower jaws. They’re a perfect choice when restoring your mouth’s full function and aesthetics.

Full Arch Implant Procedure

Southland Dental Care offers the best all on x dental implants in Los Angeles. However, Dr. Delaram Hanookai screens every patient and only recommends complete arch implant treatment to patients with missing teeth arch. Or patients suffering from a gum disease that compromises their teeth.

Only patients likely to benefit from full arch implants are eligible for the two-stage dental procedure. The first step entails removing any compromised teeth in the series and allowing the jaw to heal.

Usually, we insert temporary teeth into your jaw following the extraction to ensure that you are never without teeth. We allow 11 weeks between teeth extraction and dental implant insertion. That’s sufficient time for your jawbone to heal and regain its health.

For the second stage, we use innovative technology to determine the best location for dental implants. We use a minimally invasive surgical procedure to place dental implants into your jawbone. Our dentists typically insert four implants to provide the best all in x dental implants in Los Angeles.

After inserting the dental implants, we leave the jawbone to heal and fuse with the implants. The next step is abutment placement. We make tiny incisions in the gum line and attach small metal posts to the dental implant. Abutments stick out of the gum line and connect the dental restoration.

Dental restoration is the last step of the full arch dental procedure. We’ll insert an entire arch of teeth and attach them to the abutments. Our prosthetic teeth are indistinguishable from natural teeth and will restore the full functionality of your mouth.

Types of Full Arch Implants

Full arch implant solutions are an excellent way to replace an arch or a row of missing teeth. They are convenient because they only use 4 to 6 implants to secure an entire row of teeth. Standard dental implant near me solutions include:

Implant Supported Dentures

These are specialized dentures secured to the dental implants in your jawbone. They’re a superior and more affordable solution than regular, loose-fitting, and uncomfortable dentures.

Implant Supported Dentures

With this option, our dentists will permanently attach the prosthetic teeth to the dental implants. The new set of teeth is permanently fixed to your jaw and resembles your natural teeth.

Zirconia Full Arch

Zirconium dioxide is a durable and bio-compatible alternative to titanium, with the added benefit of indistinguishable coloring. It creates realistic prosthetic teeth to give you a more natural-looking smile.

Zygomatic Dental Implants

These implants are ideal for dental patients with deteriorating jawbones. Rather than inserting all four posts into your jawbone when you search Dental implants near me your dentist will place two posts deep into your cheekbones or zygomatic bones—hence the name.

Benefits of Full Arch Implants

Full arch dental implants are reliable when replacing missing teeth, but they also confer several other benefits.

Bone Structure Preservation

Tooth loss denies the jawbone the support it needs to maintain its health and strength. That causes the jawbone to shrink, bringing about significant facial structure changes such as sagging and sinking cheeks. Full-mouth dental implants provide the same level of support as your natural teeth. They keep your jawbone healthy and strong while allowing you to talk and talk normally.

Preserving the Adjacent Teeth

Your teeth will shift and move when you have gaps in your mouth. These unwelcome movements cause teeth misalignment and may lead to detrimental overbites and underbites. Full arch implants eliminate the gaps and reduce the wear and tear on the adjacent natural teeth. The pressure of supporting artificial bridges and dentures weakens the adjacent teeth.

Long Lifespan

Dental implants have an exceptionally long lifespan because they get their strength from the jawbone. Titanium is a bio-compatible metal that permanently bonds with your jawbone. Your dental implants can last up to 30 years with proper oral hygiene.

Eliminates Dental Caries

People with high caries index are susceptible to dental cavities that extensively damage their teeth. Replacing the compromised teeth with prosthetic teeth minimizes the risk of tooth loss.

Low Maintenance

Save for proper oral hygiene; there are no special oral health requirements following a successful full arch implant procedure. You only need to see your dentist for regular dental checkups.


A denture is a removable set of false teeth that fit over your gums to replace a series of missing teeth. At Southland Dental Care, we offer metal, nylon, and plastic dentures. Dentures help eliminate the speech and eating problems associated with missing teeth. By eliminating gaps in your mouth, dentures can also fix your smile, improve your appearance, and boost your confidence.

While dentures fix the problems associated with missing teeth, they’re not overly comfortable. It may take a while before you’re satisfied with wearing your dentures, a fact that many people raise during dental implants vs. denture debates.
Your dentures will never feel the same as your natural teeth. However, modern technology has come a long way, and modern dentures look more natural and have a higher level of wearing comfort.

How Do Dentures Work?

Typically, dentures are custom-dental solutions made from a mouth impression. Your dentist will take your teeth impression and have a dental laboratory custom-make the dentures.

The type of dentures you get depends on the kind of problem you’re trying to fix. You may use them to replace all your teeth, all the teeth on the upper or lower jaws, or a few missing teeth. Consulting an expert can help you answer the dentures vs implants question with great clarity.

The shape of a denture depends on the jaw with the missing teeth. An upper jaw denture comprises a base that covers the roof of your mouth. The bottom of the lower denture resembles a horseshoe to accommodate the tongue.

Types of Dentures

Your dentist will recommend a denture corresponding to the number of missing teeth. They will recommend partial dentures when you have one or more missing teeth. A complete denture is ideal when replacing all the teeth in your upper or lower jaw.

Complete Dentures

You’ll need a complete denture if you have no teeth in your upper or lower jaw. Your dentist will fit the denture as soon as they finish extracting your teeth, so you’re not without teeth. Dentures vs implants are custom-fitted, so they fit snugly over your jawbone and gums.

While it’s possible to fit dentures immediately after removing several teeth, you’ll need to have them relined or remade within a few months. That’s because your gums and jawbone shape changes quickly after teeth removal. Sometimes, your dentist may advise you to wait several months before fitting the dentures to accommodate this change.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture fills the gaps left by one or more missing teeth in your mouth. It comprises a pink or gum-colored metallic, nylon, or plastic plate holding the false teeth. Partial dentures attach to existing teeth using metal clasps. The clasps hold the denture securely in place while making them removable.

You can opt for a permanent partial denture if you wish to replace one or more missing teeth. Your dentist will create crowns on the teeth adjacent to the gap and attach the replacement teeth to them. They will then cement the bridge into place to fill the gap and keep the adjacent teeth from shifting.

Caring for Dentures

Dentures often lose the dental implant vs dentures debate because they don’t feel natural. You may take a while to get used to wearing them. The first few weeks or months of wearing dentures may feel awkward and uncomfortable. Initially, you may have trouble eating and speaking with dentures, but that soon passes with practice. Don’t be alarmed by this transition because your tongue and cheek muscles are learning to hold the dentures.

Getting dentures calls for a significant lifestyle change because they require special care. Initially, you may need to wear your dentures all the time. Your dentist will advise you to remove or wear dentures when sleeping. Always keep your dentures moist whenever you remove them. Preferably, you should leave them in a denture cleaning solution overnight.

Dental Hygiene

You should maintain your regular dental hygiene when wearing dentures. Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride-based toothpaste, floss, and keep all your dental appointment.

Cleaning your Dentures

Clean your dentures regularly to remove food deposits and plaques. Unclean dentures may lead to tooth decay, bad breath, oral thrush, and gum disease. Ideally, you should clean your dentures twice a day with toothpaste and soak in a denture cleaning solution to kill bacteria and remove stains.

Eating with Dentures

Stick to soft foods immediately after you start wearing dentures, and chew slowly on both sides of your mouth. Don’t chew gum; avoid hard or sticky foods and those with sharp edges. Gradually return to your old diet as you get more comfortable wearing the dentures.

Full Arch Dental Implants vs Dentures

While you have a few options when you need to replace missing teeth, it often boils down to dental implants vs dentures. While dentures and implants solve the same problem, each solution has its strengths and shortcomings. We advise patients to discuss options with the dentist to get the best results.

Ultimately, dental implants and dentures offer similar benefits, including:

Improving your chewing ability and increasing food choices
Supporting facial muscles to safeguard your looks
Improving your ability to speak
Restoring your smile and increasing your confidence levels

However, there are considerable differences that you should consider when making a decision.

Implants vs Dentures Procedure



You can only use full arch dental implants to replace your missing teeth if you have enough jawbone and a high bone density. Dental implants require several surgical procedures; the entire process can take up to six months.


Jaw bone strength, size, and density are not significant factors when using dentures to replace missing teeth. Besides removing compromised teeth, you don’t need surgery to fit dentures. Your dentist will only need to take an impression of your teeth and send it to a lab.

Full Arch Dental Implants Vs Dentures Cost


Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most expensive and efficient teeth replacement solutions available. However, the cost is worth it since dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement solution. The cost of all on x dental implants in Los Angeles starts from $13,500. Our financing option can help break the dental implants vs dentures impasse and get a full set of teeth for $350 a month.


Dentures are the most affordable tooth replacement solution in Los Angeles, California. It may cost you $500 to $1800 to replace your missing teeth with a partial or a full set denture. You can finance your teeth replacement with low payments of $99 a month.

Dentures Vs Implants Maintenance

Dental implants don’t call for special dental hygiene and procedures. A regular dental routine is enough to keep your new teeth healthy. That means brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste, flossing, and having regular dental checkups.

Dentures have higher daily maintenance than dental implants. You’ll need to soak dentures in water or a special cleaning solution overnight to kill germs. You’ll also need to clean them after every meal to avoid diseases, bad breath, and infections.

Dentures Vs. Implants Complications

Dental implants provide an efficient and permanent solution to tooth loss. Although dental implants are not 100% foolproof, they have a failure rate of 5 to 10%. Common complications include cracked crowns and loose posts. Top denture problems include a loose fit and ulceration in the gums.

Get the Best Dental Solution

Making the full arch dental implants vs dentures decision can be daunting. At Southland Dental Care, we understand this challenge, and our skillful dentist can help you make the best choice. Led by Dr. Delaram Hanookai, our skilled dental team is here to safeguard your dental health and wellness. We provide the best all on x dental implants in Los Angeles and offer friendly 0% down financing on dentures vs implants. Contact us today when looking for dental implants near me for the best tooth replacement and restoration solutions in Los Angeles, California.

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