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Periodontal disease can affect both males and females. However, men have a much higher percentage (56.4%) of diagnosed periodontal illness than women (38.4%).

These percentages may reflect that men do not like to go to the dentist or they show worse indicators of periodontal health such as excess tartar, dental plaque, and bleeding.

It is ironic that periodontal disease is prevalent in men because it can negatively impact other areas of a man’s health.

Periodontal Disease and Prostate Health

When the prostate is inflamed, infected or has cancer, the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels increase. PSA is an enzyme that is prostate in tiny amounts.

When a man’s gums are swollen, tender, or red, it can indicate periodontal disease. When these indicators are present in men who also have prostatitis, the PSA levels are higher than men who only exhibit one of these conditions.

With this correlation, many experts believe that prostate health is associated with periodontal health and periodontal health is associated with prostate health.

A variety of studies have been conducted to prove or disprove this belief. In 2015, the Dentistry journal published a study that examined 27 men over the age of 21.

The study showed an improvement in the symptoms of prostatitis in 21 of the men even though they only received gum disease treatment, Los Angeles.

Periodontal Health And Heart Disease

Similar to gum disease, heart disease is associated with inflammation. When a man has inflamed gums, he has an increased chance of developing heart disease.

Both periodontal disease and heart disease are continuous inflammatory conditions. This link is why experts believe the two conditions may be connected.

It is well known that men are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Periodontal disease increases this even higher. However, if a man takes care of his periodontal health, this risk is reduced.

When men have an increased risk for heart disease, a doctor may prescribe medicine. Many of these medications have dry mouth as a side effect. With dry mouth, a man cannot produce enough saliva to rid the mouth of bacteria and leftover food. This issue will increase the man’s chance of developing cavities and gum diseases.

Dry mouth can be relieved by drinking regular sips of water, chewing gum, or by taking a saliva substitute. It can also be reduced by routine gum disease treatment Los Angeles. These facts just cement the correlation between these two dangerous conditions which increases the need of gum disease treatment Los Angeles.

Periodontal Disease and Impotence

A variety of studies suggest that men over the age of 70 and younger than 30 who have periodontal disease have an increased risk of experiencing impotence.

As with other disease and conditions on this list, experts believe that inflammation is the common denominator between these two conditions. Gum disease causes prolonged inflammation in the gums. This inflammation can cause damage to blood vessels which can lead to impotence.

If a man treats his gum disease, the possibility of bacteria entering the bloodstream is significantly reduced. This bacteria is what damages the blood vessels.

Periodontal Disease and Cancer

This statement may seem a little far-fetched. However, research indicates that men who have or had gum disease are 14% more likely to develop cancer when compared to men who have healthy gums.

When compared to women, men who have chronic gum disease are 49% more likely to have kidney cancer. They have a 54% greater chance of developing pancreatic cancer also. These same men have a 30% greater chance of developing blood cancer.

These percentages lower significantly if the man has healthy gums. If you have any issues, you should find a dentist to provide gum disease treatment, Los Angeles.

With the above conditions having any association with gum disease, it is vital for men to ensure the health of their mouths.

A healthy mouth can be achieved by brushing twice a day and flossing at least once a day. Routine visits to the dentist are also required to keep your mouth healthy.

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