Perhaps you visited your dentist, and he has recommended a dental CT scan for you. So, you want to know how much a dental CT scan will cost you. Or you have heard of the term CT scan several times, and so you wish to know a thing or two about it.

Regardless of your reasons (related to CT scans), we’ve got you covered. And the good news is that We will knock any confusion out of your way. But How?

We take you on a captivating journey. First, we will brief you on some basic knowledge of CT scans. Next, we show you what makes a CT scan a golden treasure to dentists. Afterward, we tell you the cost of a CT scan in Los Angeles, CA. And towards the conclusion, we show you how and where you can get a CT scan. Let’s get started.

Learn About CT Scans

Ct stands for computed tomography. It’s a diagnostic medical imaging check that allows a doctor to see your organs in the body in 3D. As such, the doctor can diagnose the organs of your body and identify how damaged they are.

Dental CT Scans

You may discover that various medical fields use different and some specific types of CT scans. However, some kinds of CTs can be used in more than one medical field.

What’s more, traditional CTs and cone-beam CTs are the popular CTS that you can find in the dentistry industry. However, cone beam CTs are more technologically advanced and use less radiation than the traditional CTs. Consequently, dentists prefer the cone-beam CTs to the conventional CTs.

How CTs Do their Thing

Let’s say you are a patient. First, your doctor will help you sit in the right position for an optimal CT scan operation. After that, from different angles, the arm of the CT scan will rotate 360 around you. It will then take detailed images of your jaw, teeth, soft tissues, nasal cavity, nerves, and lymph nodes.

Why You Might Need One

Your dentist may recommend a CT scan if you need a dental implant, surgery of your impacted (teeth, among other teeth problems. As such, the dentist can be able to plan for treatments as well as do reconstructive therapies.

The Perks of CT Scans

There is a myriad of stand-ins for CT scans. But your dentist, as well as other medical specialists, will still prefer CTs over the alternatives. A reason behind this is the many benefits that CTs carry along. Read on to sneak peek into some of the perks.

Speed and Efficiency

CTs produce images real-fast. What’s more, within seconds, your dentist will have the model of your teeth, jaw, and other parts of interest to him/her. Consequently, your dentist will be able to perform a real fast dental implant surgery because he/she would have cut back the planning time for the operation.


Dentists don’t have to worry about errors and image distortions. CT scans produce accurate and clear images. Additionally, they take photographs from different angles. Thus, they provide three-dimensional images. As a result, dentists get detailed images.

Is CTs Safe?

According to researchers, you might be at risk of getting a benign brain tumor. But only if you get exposed to CT radiation for more than twice per year. However, on the same note, the latest CT technology reduces the risk brought by the CT scans. So, it would be best if you kept your fears at minimal.

Expert’s Input

Did you know CT Scan radiation is less than the amount of radiation that we receive from the earth.

Heidi Kohltfarber also advises that we should use the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle. As such, though the radiation is minimal, we should expose ourselves to the radiation as few times as possible. Why this? The little amount also poses (at least some) risk to our bodies.

But usually, the perks of CT scans outweigh the minimal risks that accompany them. As such, you shouldn’t worry much about the CT scan’s safety. What’s more, your dentist will only recommend the CT scan when it’s the only best option available for your dental problem.

Preparation for the Scan

Luckily, it would be best if you had little or no special preparation for a cone beam CT scan. However, you should avoid putting on metal objects when going for a CT examination. Objects such as jewelry, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and hairpins will disrupt the CT scan operation.

After the Scan

The CT scan operation will be painless. As such, after the examination, you will be able to continue with your normal activities. Then your dentist will analyze your CT images. Afterward, your dentist will give you the results and tell you the way forward.

Cost of Dental CT Scan in Los Angeles CA

With $729 to $ 5500 or more, you can get a CT scan in Los Angeles, California. This is from the pricing information obtained from 7 Ct scan service providers in Los Angeles, CA. Additionally, you may pay as little as $574 if you will pay cash.

And luckily, some CT scan service providers may allow you to negotiate for the rates. Therefore, if you’re cash-str