Have you had implant-supported overdentures recommended to you, or read about them online, but don’t know anything about them? Let’s talk about what you need to know.

What are they

All overdentures are dentures which are designed to fit over your existing teeth, be they natural teeth, prosthetics, roots, or implants. Implant-supported overdentures are a specific type of overdenture in which your overdenture is secured via attachment to dental implants, instead of sitting on your gums. This requires fewer implants than fully replacing the missing teeth with implants, but offers a more secure, reliable installation than overdentures and other removable prosthetics which are not as thoroughly anchored.

Who should get them?

There are a few candidates for whom implant-supported overdentures are a viable alternative to other types of denture. Patients with fewer natural teeth in the right areas to support traditional overdentures may find implant-supported overdentures a good fit. Similarly, people who have troubles with stability in their other dentures may prefer the much improved stability of an implant-supported structure.

Of course, the limitations for implant-supported overdentures are intimately tied to the limitations for implants in general; that’s to say, your gums must be healthy and you must have adequate bone mass in your jaw to support an implant. This can be corrected via bone grafts in some patients, so a thin jaw is not necessarily a disqualifying limitation—merely a complication to overcome.

Benefits of implant-supported overdentures

Generally, you can expect implant-supported overdentures to be more comfortable and stable than other forms of overdenture. The process of installing necessary implants for overdentures can be faster than other implant processes, and requires less surgical intervention than some prosthetic alternatives; you will typically be done with the installation of implant-supported overdentures with a mere two minor surgeries.

Users of implant-supported overdentures notice significant quality of life improvements with this form of overdenture relative to alternatives, including easier care, improved durability, minimal or no speech impediment, stronger bite, etc. All of this can contribute to generally improved oral health and mood.

Care and upkeep

Implant-supported overdentures are relatively low-maintenance, requiring only occasional cleaning and an annual or biannual replacement of attachments. You’ll only have two responsibilities for day to day maintenance; brushing your overdentures daily, and removing them each evening. Occasionally, you may want to soak your overdentures for a short time in an approved denture cleaning solution—never overnight, and never in an unapproved solution.

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