' Remember These Five Tips When It Comes to Your Dental Health During COVID-19

The coronavirus has forced you to adapt like never before. But just because you’ve had to alter your life doesn’t mean various priorities must get placed on the back burner. Consider your dental health, for example.

You must still ensure your dental needs get their due attention. Here are five tips that you must remember. Pay attention to these suggestions. Don’t ignore your oral health.

Also, you might want to go ahead and bookmark this page. Refer back to these tips to cover your dental basics during the COVID-19 pandemic. Know, too, that you still can utilize the services of Southland Dental Care.

Our staff has taken extra precautions. We are committed to keeping you safe and well during these unusual times. As always, we look forward to caring for you and ensuring your dental wellness.

1. Don’t Ignore Dental Issues

If you notice something unusual, don’t ignore it. Failure to address red flags could have serious consequences for you. Know that certain dental issues could impact your overall wellness, too. Did you know that poor dental health possibly can increase your risks for cancer, diabetes, and heart disease?

Reach out to us right away if you notice something unusual. Remember, we have taken various precautions to take care of your dental needs during the coronavirus. We will not let the COVID-19 pandemic limit your ability to have your oral health guaranteed. This is a need that we take seriously.

2. Properly Disinfect Your Toothbrush

You can limit your chances of getting sick, including catching something like the coronavirus when you properly disinfect your toothbrush. It’s rather quite easy, too, for you to clean your toothbrush. Know these steps you can take.

The CDC has made available various precautions that you should know. In addition to those tips, understand that you also can use distilled water and hydrogen peroxide. Combine 5 fl oz of the water with 1 fl oz of 5% hydrogen peroxide. Place the bristles of your brush in the solution for ten minutes. Then you want to thoroughly rinse your toothbrush before using it. Brush your teeth at least twice a day. You also should brush them after you eat. Regularly floss, too.

3. Follow a Healthy Diet

When you stick to a healthy diet, you benefit your health in so many ways. You not only reduce your chances for infections like the coronavirus, but you also are taking necessary steps toward protecting your dental and oral wellness. Don’t undervalue how important this is for you. Make sure your nutritional basics are covered. In particular, understand the potential link between poor diet, metabolic function, and COVID-19. You also want to remember tried and true dietary approaches that promote dental and oral hygiene.

Be certain you eat enough fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Also, Limit your consumption of very acidic foods and drinks. Any time that you enjoy items with high acid levels, it’s even more important for you to brush your teeth after consumption. Coffee, sodas, and citrus fruits can damage your enamel. Hard candies contain cavity-causing high sugar levels, and they can break your teeth. Dried fruits and snacks like trail mix can stick to your teeth, and potato chips can get trapped in your gums and also cause you to have plaque buildup. Heavy alcohol use can attack your gums, too, and it can increase your chances of developing oral cancer. Finally, if you like to drink sports drinks, make sure you opt for versions that have low sugar levels.

4. Get in Enough Exericise

You likely already know that exercise mitigates your chances of developing various health issues. But did you know it also reduces your likelihood of having gum health problems like periodontitis?

To make sure you’re getting in enough exercise, you should aim for 30 minutes of light aerobic exercise five days a week. Popular activities that you can look into are jogging, swimming, and walking. Cycling and yoga are also effective workouts for you. Plus, you can enjoy all five of these aforementioned exercises during the coronavirus crisis. Prioritize low-impact cardio workouts into your normal routines. You can limit your risk of medical infections like COVID-19, and you also can better protect your dental and oral wellness.

5. Know Precautions to Take When on Your Way to the Dentist

While our office is taking the necessary steps to follow new guidelines and procedures related to the coronavirus, familiarize yourself with these tips from us to further protect you and your loved ones when you come to our office.

Try to refrain from using public transportation. Limit your close contact with people that don’t live with you. Also, be sure to notify of us any health complications you’re having before you arrive for your appointment. Once you get to our office, be certain to wash your hands right away. Consider keeping a pocket-sized bottle of hand sanitizer on you, too. We also ask that you try to only pay with a card. Whether at the dentist or not, you should limit exchanging cash during this global health pandemic. And finally, wear a mask to reduce your chances of getting sick or causing others to become ill.

Southland Dental Care Is Here to Serve You

COVID-19 forced you to hold off on many of your regular activities. New government restrictions were put in place as to what you could and could not do. For example, you were not permitted to visit your dentist for non-emergency needs.

Now that you can visit the dentist again, we want to limit your worries and help protect your safety. We’ve taken the necessary precautions on our end. However, make sure you follow the five steps presented above, too.

It’s always been our pleasure to serve you and your dental and oral wellness needs. We’re still here to take care of you, and we will work with you to reduce your risks associated with the coronavirus. Reach out to us today. Let’s get you caught back up with your individualized dental care.

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