Root canal treatment is necessary when teeth have large cavity fillings; there is a severe gum infection, deep tooth decay, periodontal disease (severe gum disease), tooth cracks (or significant chips), or dental trauma. Root canal cost depends on a couple of factors. Additionally, you will need to choose treatment from a general dentist or an endodontist (a dentist specializing in saving teeth). For the ideal root canal treatment in Los Angeles, here’s how to understand the average cost of root canal treatment. To learn more about root canal prices near me call Southland Dental care for your free consultation and free CT-Scan.

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Understanding a Root Canal

The inflammatory or sick pulp is removed when a root canal is performed and the inside tooth is thoroughly cleansed, sanitized and filled before dressing. Pulp is the soft tissue that exists inside the tooth. It lies underneath a hard layer called dentin and the white enamel. This tissue is made up of connective tissue, blood arteries, and nerves that aid in the formation of your tooth’s root. Root canal treatment is meant to protect the normal tooth while preventing bacteria from infecting the damaged root canal.

A fully grown tooth may survive without the pulp because it’s nourished by the tissues surrounding it. Please visit your dentist if the discomfort takes longer than three days. If the infection from the tooth is not treated, it may spread to other regions of your body like the jaw, blood, or brain, including your important organs, which could make the situation fatal.

For a few days after a successful root canal, you may have minor pain. This is only transitory and should disappear on its own if you practice excellent dental hygiene. If it doesn’t, visit your dentist.

How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

The standard cost of root canal treatment varies significantly based on specific factors, such as:

  • The tooth location – is it a front tooth, bicuspid (premolar), or a molar?
  • The tooth condition – If your tooth has acquired an abscess, it may cause harm to the surrounding tissues, gums, and bones. All of this requires a long and intensive procedure to repair all of this harm.
  • Individual dentistry competence – a regular dentist or an endodontis (root canal specialist).
  • The location of the dental practice.

Furthermore, having insurance will alter your root canal cost considerably.

if you don’t have any dental plan or dental insurance, you might be qualified for 0% financing and payment plans.

Root Canal Cost for One Tooth

It will be less expensive if the cavity is on one of the front teeth because these have one root only. Molars can have a maximum of three roots. The more roots a tooth has, the harder the treatment process will be for your dentist to perform. In this way, a greater fee is charged.

The average cost of root canal treatment ranges between $700 and $1,200 for a front tooth, $750 and $1,200 for a bicuspid, and $1,000 and $1,800 for a molar. While you may be tempted to engage the services of the cheapest dentist in your area, it is important to remember that this is a procedure that requires special expertise.

Root Canal and Crown Cost

Once your tooth has undergone a root canal, it may be extra sensitive for some days. To provide protection and ensure longevity, your cosmetic dentist may suggest getting a crown. This comes with additional costs, and the average cost of root canal and crown may range between $800 and $1,500 for each tooth.

Root canal cost with crown varies according on the methods for making a crown and what tooth. Typically, crowns strengthen the entire tooth and last longer than fillings – about 10-15 years and sometimes longer, depending on your oral health and hygiene practices. Crowns do not discolor since they are made of porcelain material.

The application process of a crown may vary, with most r