Advances in dental technology over recent years offer a choice of titanium or zirconia to replace one or more missing teeth. Through an informed evaluation of Titanium vs. Zirconia Tooth Implants, you can knowledgeably choose the one that suits your preferences. As the most used materials for modern dental implants, both have pros and cons for you to consider. Full mouth dental implants or replacement of only one or two teeth can restore your smile and ability to chew. Our reputation as the best dental implants specialist in Los Angeles lets us help improve your quality of life.

Why Choose Titanium?

The competition between Titanium vs. Zirconia Tooth Implants gives you two excellent options to consider. Lighter than steel but about as strong, titanium teeth fuse well with the bones in your mouth. As an alloy named for the Titans in Greek mythology, titanium provides the strength that submarines, golf balls, hip replacements and dental implants require. Ancient cultures tried to replace missing teeth as proof of a desire to relieve suffering, and the evidence remains of their attempts. Advances in modern dentistry in the last decade made titanium implants popular as a first treatment option for patients. Affordable titanium teeth give you a great look and lasting reliability. You can count on the best dental implants dentist in Los Angeles to make your problems with missing teeth go away.

Why Pick Zirconia Instead?

Some people have an allergy to titanium that may make zirconia implants a better choice. Not the same as the transparent cubic zirconia that jewelers use as a look-alike for diamonds, dental zirconia offers a viable alternative in the Titanium vs. Zirconia Tooth Implants competition. The zirconia implants that Dr. Delaram Hanookai uses come from a natural, lustrous white material that provides strength and durability. Used by European dentists for almost 40 years, zirconia implants continue to gain in popularity in the United States since their arrival in 2007. As an alternative to titanium, zirconia implants give you an option that lets you choose sides in the Titanium vs. Zirconia Tooth Implants competition.

Considering the Pros and Cons of Titanium

Titanium implants have a reputation that recommends them for your consideration. The most used procedure for tooth replacement, Titanium implants have a 95 percent success rate. Some factors may help you decide to let Dr. Delaram Hanookai use them to correct your problems. As a point to consider in comparing Titanium vs. Zirconia Tooth Implants, titanium dental implants cost less than zirconia.

Pros of Titanium Dental Implants

  • Proven Track Record
    Decades of the reliable performance of titanium implants show that they work as a proven technique for tooth replacement.
  • Durability
    Low risk of breaking gives you a sense of security, and they do not wear down either. With the capability to adapt to conditions in your mouth and wear well, they resemble your natural bone structure. You need not worry about damaging a titanium implant by normal biting and chewing.
  • Long-lasting
    Regular dental visits and proper aftercare help extend the expected life span of titanium teeth. Because of the durability of the lightweight and strong metal, titanium implants may last for up to 30 years or even more.
  • Biocompatibility
    Titanium teeth bond well with the bones in your jaw as the body accepts them and provides stability for chewing, talking and smiling.

Cons of Titanium Dental Implants

While titanium teeth may provide many factors that you prefer, they have some downsides as well.

  • Potential for Autoimmune Disorders
    Some research indicates that titanium teeth may create an autoimmune reaction by patients who have allergies to metal. No evidence of similar Zirconia implants side effects exists. A blood test can determine if you have an allergy to titanium.
  • Metal Taste and Insomnia
    Some patients react to titanium teeth by experiencing a metal taste or sensing a