' The Difference Between All on 4 and Traditional Implants

Traditional Dental Implants vs. All on 4 Dental Implants

Traditional Dental Implants vs. All on 4 Dental Implants

Dental implants are clearly the best option available for patients to replace any missing or damaged teeth. Beverly Hills all on 4 dental implants provide a solution for anyone, whether it is only an individual tooth that needs to be replaced or even if the patient needs their entire mouth reconstructed. The benefits of each procedure really depend on the extent of the dental damage.

About Traditional Dental Implants

Traditional implants require at least two surgeries to install. In the procedure for traditional implants, the implants fare inserted by screw into the jaw. With the implants in place, the jaw must heal and integrate the implants into the bone.

About the All on Four Procedure

One of the more highly recommended procedures for patients that have lost all or most of their natural teeth, the all on 4 Los Angeles treatment promises a faster an easier fix than traditional dentures. In one day, the all on four procedure can replace a patient’s entire mouth with only four implants. These Beverly Hills all on 4 dental implants are not removable and are bonded to the jawbone. This allows for a long-term solution to dental reconstruction.

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Dentures vs. All on Four

With all the varied alternatives for dental reconstruction, like the all on 4 Los Angeles has, traditional dental implants can seem more expensive and extensive, as it often takes a significantly longer time to install traditional dental implants.

  1. Amount of Implants
    With the all on 4 Los Angeles offers, patients can use only four implants for their dental restorations. Using traditional dental implants requires between four to eight individual implants in order to see the same result.
  2. Cost of the Procedure
    The cost of each procedure can vary drastically. With the all on 4 Los Angeles has, patients will generally pay a much lower price as fewer implants are needed. Traditional dental implants may require several individual implants to reconstruct the mouth, leading to a significant higher price.
  3. Bone structure
    In order for Beverly Hills all on 4 dental implants to be installed, it is important that the jawbone be strong enough to handle the stress of the implants. With traditional implants, the jawbone may need to support several implants, as opposed to the four implants in the all on 4 Los Angeles offers patients. Candidates that are considering dental reconstructive surgery will ultimately need a professional consultation to decide which method is right for them.

All on four Los Angeles has essentially used the technology of traditional implants and improved on it. Patients that are interested in the fastest method to receive a new smile should lean more towards the all on four Los Angeles offers. Since this procedure only uses four implants, patients can have their new mouth installed in the same day.

Additionally, candidates for dental restoration that are hoping for the simplest procedure will definitely find the all on four Los Angeles has to be the simplest. Candidates that are eligible for all on four Los Angeles offers will find that this procedure may be better for the long term as the four implants are placed on the jaw towards the front, allowing the most support overtime for these Beverly Hills all on 4 dental implants. This opens the door for patients that are not candidates for the traditional dental implant procedure, as they may have suffered a significant amount of bone damage and will not be eligible for other reconstructive alternatives

Dental reconstruction has many customizable options for patients looking for Beverly Hills all on 4 dental implants have varied treatments for all types of patients. If you are considering which treatment is best for you, please speak to a professional about the advantages and disadvantages of all on four Los Angeles has, as well as the traditional dental implant method.

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