Full mouth reconstruction is an excellent way to take back your life and make your smile whole again. This process uses a range of treatments to repair or replace your teeth along your lower and upper jaws. With this incredibly transformative surgery, your mouth will be at its healthiest.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Takes Your Teeth to the Next Level

Patients that have suffered from extensive tooth damage and tooth loss are the primary candidates for Los Angeles full mouth reconstruction.
This treatment can also help individuals that suffer from medical conditions like gum disease and tooth decay. After the reconstruction, patients will be able to have a healthy, beautiful, and strong smile.

Candidates for Los Angeles full mouth reconstruction may have teeth that are cracked, chipped or angled improperly. Additionally, people that have suffered a significant loss of teeth due to improper care or trauma are a recommended for full mouth reconstruction as well.

Benefits of Receiving Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction will dramatically improve your self-esteem. The confidence that you gain through a brand new smile is really the best benefit of this surgery. In addition to having a bright and full smile, the health of your mouth will significantly improve as well. With the various procedures involved in full mouth reconstruction, patients will see a turnaround in their oral health. Working to improve the health of your mouth will ultimately show up in other areas of your life. Patients that have received Los Angeles reconstruction have experienced less frequent headaches, a decrease in pain, better sleep and the like.

Full mouth reconstruction is not for everyone. In order for a patient to be considered and reap its benefits, the dentist will need to have an extensive knowledge of the patient’s oral history and anatomy, as well as a complete understanding of the patient’s needs. Candidates that should be considered for full mouth reconstruction tend to experience severe damage to their teeth. The varied methods used in Los Angeles full mouth reconstruction typically involve dental bridges, dental implants, as well as dentures. These options typically target patients that have experienced significant tooth loss.

Dental implants specifically work to keep the mouth protected from bone loss. The implant will be acting as a tooth root, allowing the jaw to support permanent artificial teeth. Implants will work to catalyze the growth of bone tissue.

Other restorative methods that can be used to aid in full mouth reconstruction include using porcelain fillings, root canal therapy, and laser dentistry or periodontal therapy. If you are a patient experiencing tooth decay, many dentists will employed the use of fillings to prevent the decay from spreading. If the decay exists within the root of the tooth, root canal therapy is necessary to take care of the infection at its source.

Laser dentistry or periodontal therapy is used for individuals suffering from gum disease. The bone tissue and gum can be replaced with bone grafting and soft tissue augmentation.

Revitalize Your Teeth

The great thing about full mouth reconstruction is that patients do not have to wait for their mouth to suffer significant damage before seeking a solution. Using full mouth reconstruction to protect your mouth is a great way to prevent the damage caused by tooth loss, gum disease, tooth decay or severely damaged teeth.

If you hope to be a candidate for Los Angeles full mouth reconstruction or are curious to find various alternatives to bring life back into your smile, consider setting up a consultation with your dentist. Even if your teeth are severely damaged, full mouth reconstruction can give your mouth a makeover that will last a lifetime.