Are you eager to change your smile to make it more appealing? Well, dental implants are the way to go. You may be asking yourself questions like, what does tooth implant look like? Whether your teeth are broken or missing, dental implants come in handy. Our dental implants bring back your confidence and help you socialize better.

Before deciding on the type of implants to use, you should understand the available types and those that suit you. Also, you should conduct an online search of dental implants near me to plan your dental visits. Besides, you may consider checking pictures of dental implants to establish whether they meet your expectations.

So, what does a tooth implant look like? A dental implant has a small titanium screw that our dentists surgically place within your upper or lower jaws or both. The screw goes under your gum and fuses with your jawbone. Furthermore, this screw preserves your overall bone structure and replaces a missing tooth’s root.

Here are different types of dental implants and their alternatives.

Single Dental Implants

We use these implants when you only need to replace a single tooth. These implants help preserve the adjacent teeth as they don’t rely on each other for support. Single dental implants come in various sizes depending on the teeth they support.

For instance, molars require maximum-sized single implants as they do much grinding and chewing. Given this, we measure your jaw dimensions to establish the right implant for your tooth before conducting dental surgery.

Full Arch Dental Implants

Our dentists plant implants on your gums to accommodate your artificial teeth. We fix 4-8 implants within a row of teeth in your gums. Full arch dental implants are of many types, including all on 4 and all on 6 dental implants.

All on 4 dental implants entails fixing upper and lower jaws with only four dental implants to support the new set of teeth. In this technique, our dentists tilt the implants at a 45-degree angle in the maxilla towards the anterior section of the mouth. The technique doesn’t need high bone density to secure the implant.

All on 6 dental implants entail using 6 dental implants to replace lost teeth. Our dental specialists use this procedure in case you have lost several teeth. These implants are useful if you have a low bone density as they don’t need bone grafting.

Before the surgical procedure, our dentists conduct a detailed examination on you. The examination comprises several digital X-rays, and 3D cone Beam CT scans to establish the position and shape of the mouth structures. The results determine the type of implant to use.

Full arch dental implants are beneficial in various ways. For instance, they provide a better mechanism in replacing several missing teeth than single implants. They are also permanent solutions for lost teeth as they can last for a lifetime. You only need to take care of them well.

Furthermore, these implants allow you to eat and talk without any difficulties. In addition, they prevent the shrinking of the gum bones. Their natural appearance is a plus to you as third parties won’t realize they are fake.

These implants fit in various circumstances. For instance, if you lack several teeth or have difficulty talking or both, these alternatives suit you.

Mini Dental Implants

These implants have similar characteristics as the normal implants but are smaller in size. They have a one-piece screw with less than 3mm diameter and a ball-shaped end protruding from the jawbone. The placement of these implants is less invasive and less involving.

Our dentists use mini dental implants where the other alternatives don’t work. These situatio