Dental implants are a welcomed alternative to dentures and bridgework. They are used to restore teeth functions and improve aesthetics. There is a lot that goes into the procedure, and it’s mostly performed in stages. The healing period is crucial; that is why you need a dental implant recovery diet. The doctor will usually suggest food to eat after dental implant after you are done with the procedure. But the implants will affect your chewing ability, so you may have to make some dietary changes in the long run. Compared to dentures, implants provide much easier eating. Sliding dentures makes chewing extremely hard. Diet after implant surgery is the main concern for most patients. That is why we have put together this article to help you cope with the new implants.

What to Eat After Dental Implant Surgery – Day after Surgery

The day after the surgery, your implants will be in a delicate state. Food after dental implant surgery should not cause any discomfort or disrupt the implants. For the first two days, you should probably stick to a cool liquids diet. Try to avoid hot beverages and foods, especially when you have full mouth dental implants. Do not drink from a water bottle or through a straw. Anything that requires suction may put too much pressure on the implants at this point.

It’s also a safe bet to keep alcoholic drinks and smoke. Your healing process may take even six months. Drinking alcohol will slow down the healing. Smoking during this time will also be detrimental. However, you should not skip any meals because you need the nutrients for a speedy recovery. The dental soft diet should contain all the nutrients you need.

Follow the instructions your doctor prescribed if you have special diet requirements. All these are things to do a day or two after the procedure. You will progress gradually into solid foods as your implants continue to heal.

Recommended Meals to Eat After Dental Implant Surgery

The first few days after surgery, comfort is the most important thing. Solid foods will make you uncomfortable and compromise your implants. In case you were wondering what can I eat after dental implant, these are the best recommendations.

  • Cold soups. Your dental implant recovery diet should contain some cold soups. You have to avoid hot liquids and foods, but nothing should stop you from enjoying a cold bowl of soup.
  • This is the time to turn everything into a smoothie. They don’t need chewing, and you can pack them with all the nutrients and vitamins you need. Also, you can substitute them with other drinks like milkshakes or fruit juices.
  • Immediately after full mouth or all on 4 dental implants surgery, you won’t be able to bite into an apple. But you can get the same nutrients in applesauce.

You can pick your favorite foods and drinks, but the rules still apply. They have to be cold and smooth, so you don’t chew a lot. Popcorns, nuts, sunflower seeds, and rice are a big no. That is because they easily get stuck in surgical areas. Remember to include a lot of water in the dental implant recovery diet. Staying hydrated is great for your overall health.

Soft Food Diet Weeks after the Implant Surgery


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