Planning for a dental implant is the first step to restoring your smiling confidence! You also instantly transform your facial appearance when an expert team carries out the procedure using the new technology.

We are committed to offering you the best dental implant experience at Southland Dental Care. Whether your teeth are stained, loose, missing, cracked, or you don’t like the appearance, our doctors are here for you.

Our main focus is transforming your smile through affordable dental implants. We start the process by inviting you to our Van Nuys dental care center for a free consultation with our Van Nuys dental implants specialist expert. You then discuss the possible options available for you to regain your beautiful smile.

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What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that an expert dental doctor like Dr. Hanookai places on your jaw to hold your replaced tooth. Dental implants are ideal for healthy oral people who lose their teeth due to various periodontal causes.

Affordable Van Nuys Dental Implants

Losing a tooth is expensive and can begin a low esteem spirit. However, knowing where you can get help replacing the tooth is a relief. While every dental case presented to our doctor’s office is unique, the results are the same-a confident smile!
Southland dental care is the best in Van Nuys and is always preferred because of the friendly, affordable dental packages. Over the years, dentures have been popular, but in recent times, dental implants have become more affordable, increasing in popularity.
Dental implants are easy to maintain and don’t restrict your food choices- another factor that makes them affordable since they’re a one-time procedure.

Meet the Best Dentist in Town

Dr. Hanookai is the top and best dentist in town. She has over 15 years of experience grafting bone and gum tissue for the best results when doing implants. She walks with you throughout the journey and understands that the procedure is more of a life transformation experience than a clinical exercise.

Meet our dental engineer Dr. Abaian. He is an expert in planning and designing your smile. Before choosing a smiling style for you, he closely examines and compares your outlook and the available teeth arrangement options. Since he started as an engineer before becoming a cosmetic dentist, his skills and passion for structures have made him excel.

Dental Implant Financing

Our goal is to provide an affordable Van Nuys dental implant cost to all our clients. Therefore, we accept all forms of dental insurance. When taking insurance coverage, confirm whether they have an allowance for dental implants since you might need them in the future.

Coupled with our affordable rates, any insurance with a dental implant provision will be a good deal for you to smile again.

We also accept major credit cards and offer interest-free financing to qualified patients with low monthly payments. Further, to maintain our goal, we work with third-party patient finance companies to help you find the best option.
Do you need a dental implant? Don’t worry because of the cost of dental implants implications. Visit us at Van Nuys, and we shall guide you. Alternatively, please email us your request for assessment by our financial team. The experts will maximize the benefits of your insurance coverage before seeking other payment plans.

Dental Consultation

Welcome to our dental care center for a free consultant and exam including CT Scan to establish the extent of the jaw damage and possible solution. Dr. Hanookai, the best dental implant specialist in Los Angeles, will take you through the procedure, and together with Dr. Abianai, the best cosmetic dentist, they will restore your smile.

We don’t charge for consultation because we don’t know the type of procedure you’ll need. We also want to be part of your smile, and our assistance to you is our main objective.
After the consultation, we establish your problem, possible solution, and cost implications. It becomes easy for our patients to plan for this life transformation procedure.

Why Choose Southland Dental Care?

Southland Dental Care prides itself on a powerful team of experts in the dental industry. Dr. Hanookai and Dr. Abaian are the best and most trusted dentists in Los Angeles. The supporting sta