Many people in Los Angeles who are looking for a sparkling smile end up deciding that veneers are the best way to meet their goals of straighter, whiter teeth. However, some are surprised to learn that porcelain veneers can be a little pricey when compared to basic dental fillings. In order to understand the reason for the high price on a veneer, it is necessary to understand how they are made and how they protect the teeth. Though it might seem pricey in Beverly Hills, porcelain veneers can actually be a very affordable alternative that protects your teeth from further damage.

How Much do Porcelain Veneers Cost?

Of course the main issue that people have with veneers is just that porcelain veneers have a higher price than basic dental work. The cost of veneers can vary quite a lot, ranging from $800 to $3,000 just within the city of Los Angeles. This drastic difference in cost is mostly just due to some cosmetic dentists, such as those in Beverly Hills, having trendy clientele in living in popular areas. It also differs slightly based on each individual patient’s needs. For example, some cosmetic dentists may provide a discount if a patient is getting several veneers. Therefore, you will need to go to a Sherman Oaks dentist and get your own personal consultation to determine how much veneers for you would cost.

What Is the Process of Making Veneers?

A lot of the cost of veneers in Los Angeles is due to the high quality materials and custom fitting that is required to make the porcelain veneer. They are made from a porcelain material that will not be stained by coffee, smoking, and other staining ingredients. This porcelain is also the only dental material that can mimic the slightly translucent texture of real teeth, so it tends to be a little more costly. Porcelain veneers are custom made in a dental laboratory from molds that your cosmetic dentist will take during the fitting process, and a shade of porcelain is chosen that will match your individual tooth coloring. Since they are custom made, the process cannot be automated to save money.

How Are Porcelain Veneers Installed?

In addition to the cost of the materials, the final price that a cosmetic dentist will charge a patient is based on the labor of installing veneers. This is a very time consuming and delicate process. First, the teeth will be carefully shaved or trimmed so that the teeth do not become too thick once a thin veneer is on the tooth. Dentists have to be careful to not remove too much tooth enamel while shave the tooth back by about 1/50th of an inch. Once the custom made veneers have been fabricated, your dentist will shape the veneers to look as natural as possible in your unique situation. Once the shape is correct, the dentist can bond your veneer onto the surface of the tooth with dental cement, which will be chosen in a shade that makes the translucent veneers look natural. Once positioned, a special type of light ray is shone on the teeth to cure the cement. After they are bonded and set in place, your new veneers should be almost unbreakable and look just like real teeth. This whole process contributes to the price of veneers.

Why Are Veneers Pricey Even With Insurance?

Veneers are actually not really expensive when compared to other dental procedures, but a lot of patients are under the misconception that dental work is cheaper than it is. Most people have dental insurance that pays a significant amount of each procedure. However, porcelain veneers are typically considered a cosmetic treatment that makes teeth look straighter and better shaped. Therefore they can seem expensive because people are paying the full cost of veneers even at a Sherman Oaks dentist’s office.