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Dental Implants Services in Los Angeles, CA

Are your teeth falling out or breaking? Do you often experience acute pain, bleeding, or cavities in your mouth? Are you tired of hiding your smile? Would you like to boost your esteem by acquiring that healthy smile you’ve always desired?

If you answered yes to all these questions, you urgently need a state-of-the-art dental implant treatment from a reputable dental expert. Thanks to recent advancements in implant technology, Dr. Delaram Hanookai has found a way around the barriers that hindered dental implantation before.

Initially, most patients could not receive dental implants because of certain underlying medical conditions. Some patients were also hindered by the lack of strong and healthy bone to hold the implants in place.

However, our dental implant specialist Los Angeles chapter can now fix dental implants for more patients than before. Mostly, our dental specialists will only use laser dentistry for the treatment.

This ultra-modern treatment technique rules out the need for sutures and anesthesia. It offers the best treatment comfort while shortening the procedure duration.

Minimally-invasive dental implant treatment by an expert

Dr. Delaram Hanookai is a full mouth dental implants Los Angeles specialist that uses a patient-friendly approach in all her treatments. As a highly trained implantologist in Los Angeles, CA, the good doctor’s expertise always guarantees the quality and longevity of your dental implants.

She employs the latest technology to plan your treatment in the most precise manner. This assures you of receiving the most efficient treatment done most accurately. So, each time you visit Southland Dental Care, you get satisfaction guaranteed in exchange.

Dr. Hanookai is also an exceptional thought leader in the space of implantology with an experience spanning 2 decades. Over the years, her award-winning proficiency in placing dental implants and providing other innovative missing tooth treatment options has succeeded in restoring the smiles of thousands of Los Angeles residents.

Having received her certification in periodontal dentistry and implantology from USC, Dr. Hanookai continues to advance her expertise. She is currently undergoing deeper training at the Misch Implant Institute, a world-renowned training center in dental implantology. What’s more, the doctor is a member of the American Academy of Periodontology as well as the American Dental Association.

Above all, Dr. Hanookai is also a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), one of the world’s most reputable dental associations.

Certainly, Dr. Hanookai only likes to associate with the best. She works with the best institutions, equipment, team, and facility to afford you only the finest same day dental implants treatment. As a skilled surgeon and restorative dentist, she has succeeded in exceeding most of her clients’ expectations. This is because she applies her unique training and broad experience to get the whole picture of your mouth before she starts working on it.

Complimentary dental implant consultation

When you visit our full mouth dental implants Los Angeles clinic, Dr. Hanookai will first seek to determine your suitability as a dental implants candidate. She will promptly arrange for an in-person appointment with you. In the meeting, the doctor will go through your medical and dental history, seek clarity about your lifestyle, and find out your expectations about your oral health.

Dr. Hanookai knows how to prioritize her patients’ needs. She will listen intently to your concerns, explain the missing tooth treatment options available to you, and provide detailed answers to all your questions concerning receiving dental implants.

After the consultation, Dr. Hanookai will tactfully apply her full-range expertise and experience to leave you with a brand new mouth. She will implant in your mouth a new set of teeth that look and feel 100% natural. You will walk away after the procedure feeling new, refreshed, younger, and bolder than before. What’s more, as you schedule your free consultation, you also get a free CT scan.

Dental implants treatment

Dental implants are a great medical milestone of our time. They are applied in different strategic ways to replace a missing tooth or teeth while restoring the mouth’s vitality. Whether you receive all on 4 dental implants or all on 6 dental implants, our same day dental implants are designed to give you permanent smiles without worrying about maintenance.

So, what scenarios place dental implants among the best options for missing teeth?

1. When replacing a single tooth

A dental implant is considered by most dentists the best replacement for a single missing tooth. Why? Because a well-placed dental implant resembles and functions like any other natural tooth. That means a properly maintained dental implant can last a lifetime.

2. For replacing multiple teeth

When replacing multiple teeth, our teeth replacement Los Angeles specialist applies different techniques based on the number of missing teeth. The major ones include:

  • Implant-supported bridges
  • Multiple single dental implants
  • Implant-supported partial dentures

3. During all teeth replacement

If you are missing all your teeth or your remaining teeth are beyond saving, our full mouth reconstruction Los Angeles dentist will recommend replacing all your teeth. The procedure may entail the following major techniques:

Same Day Dental Implants with Fix-on-Four

Dr. Delaram Hanookai is a highly innovative dental specialist. Through the fix-on-four technology, she has found a faster, safer, and more reliable way to skillfully provide you with top-of-the-line full mouth dental restoration in just a day. This allows you to resume your normal routine instantly.

When you visit our full mouth dental implants Los Angeles clinic, Dr. Hanookai will carefully assess your mouth and dental situation. If you are experiencing a full-arch of missing teeth or minimal bone density due to tooth loss, the doctor will recommend the fix-on-four procedure.

The procedure simply entails placing four or six dental implants in locations with the greatest bone density on each arch. When placed in the right angle, these implants provide the needed support to a whole new set of upper and lower teeth. This procedure has proven to be a highly effective, efficient, and durable solution for missing teeth. In just a single day, you get both your smile and vibrant life back.

It is a similar procedure to all on 4 dental implants and all on 6 dental implants procedures.

What are the options for missing teeth?

Once you get to our full mouth reconstruction Los Angeles clinic, our dental implant specialist may recommend any of these treatment options for your missing teeth:

Implant-supported dentures

This is an ideal option for patients with an entire arch of missing teeth. The procedure uses several dental implants that are surgically inserted in your jawbone to firmly support a custom denture. Compared to removable dentures, these dentures are firmly secured inside the mouth and do not slip, click, or move around.

This way, they let you speak and eat normally by increasing your chewing ability.

Fixed implant-supported dentures

Fixed dentures can either be screwed or cemented into position. When you decide to get rid of them, only a qualified dentist can remove them. Once fitted, these dentures are naturally elevated along your gum line but don’t cover your palate. With them, you never have to worry about taste interference.

Fixed dentures do an excellent job at enhancing stability, preventing slippage, and increasing your chewing capacity. They help deter bone loss and enhance your face by restoring the contours of the lower face naturally.

Implant-supported bridges

Implant bridges resemble live teeth and offer the most stability when replacing multiple or all missing teeth. Being life-like, they are also highly flexible. With such flexibility, your chewing capacity and comfort are almost fully restored. The bridges are made of the best and most durable porcelain material guaranteeing the best results.

When are dental implants the ideal solution?

Dental implants can benefit many different patients. Nearly everyone with a missing tooth or teeth and is in good health can sign up for dental implant treatment. Certain critical health conditions like diabetes and habits like smoking can substantially reduce the success rate of the treatment. However, there are very few instances where implants cannot be used entirely.

When performing a dental implant procedure, Dr. Hanookai takes into consideration the quality and quantity of bone available to hold the implants in place. That, however, doesn’t mean she will turn you away if you have an extremely low bone density.

Combining her skills and advanced bone grafting techniques, she will adequately prepare your mouth for dental implants. Dr. Hanookai essentially augments your bone density opening an avenue for most people to benefit from the procedure.

State-of-the-art technology

Dr. Hanookai’s practice is richly equipped with the latest medical technology. This provides an extra layer of precision and comfort in all our treatments for the best outcomes. Among other things, she uses CT cone beam scanners to capture 3D images of a patient’s head, face, and jaw. With such an enhanced depth of vision, nothing could go wrong during and after the procedure.

To speed up the wound healing process, Dr. Hanookai uses platelets containing great quantities of growth factors. When it comes to stimulating faster regeneration of bone and gum tissue, she uses a mixture of natural growth proteins to ensure you don’t put on hold your important plans.

Our dental implants procedure

As soon as the initial consultation and evaluation are complete, Dr. Hanookai will immediately develop a suitable treatment plan for you based on your needs, expectations, and budget. Depending on the scope of your procedure, she may decide to schedule extraction, bone grafting, dental implants, and temporary restoration on the same day.


Dr. Hanookai uses the data collected from CT scans to plan your procedure accordingly. From this information, she can formulate surgical guides to help in placing the implants precisely. In the pre-planning process, the doctor can also determine the exact size, diameter, location, and angle of the implant post to be placed. All that ultimately translates to an extremely precise and minimally invasive implant procedure.


After establishing that it is impossible to salvage a tooth, Dr. Hanookai applies both traditional surgery and laser dentistry to extract it while preserving the socket. She then places the implant immediately after extraction to minimize jawbone loss. This is also a way to rule out the possibility of any future bone grafting.

Bone grafting and sinus lifts

If you lack enough bone density to support a dental implant, our implant specialist can supplement your existing jawbone through advanced bone grafting techniques. The purpose of this procedure is to restore your bone density and strength to allow a seamless fusion of the implant with your jawbone.

When your sinus cavity falls due to tooth loss in your upper back jaw, you are left with insufficient bone to place the implants. Dr. Hanookai will perform a sinus augmentation to remedy this problem by lifting the sinus floor and developing sufficient bone for the implants.

Keeping you comfortable

Your comfort is our utmost priority at Southland Dental Care. As such, we always keep an open communication line with you to provide reassurance every step of the way. You don’t have to feel alone, confused, or experience dental anxiety. Our dental specialists also provide sedation to help you stay relaxed.

Dr. Hanookai is certified in IV sedation and general anesthesia. She applies different sedation dentistry options for different needs to eliminate any discomfort during the procedure. For the overly anxious patients, the doctor will help them relax through oral or IV sedation. This sedation keeps patients conscious without feeling any pain.

High-quality restoration from our in-house lab

Our implant specialist collaborates with our top-grade in-house lab to provide natural-looking full mouth restorations to afford you a comfortable outlook on life. She has partnered with highly skilled lab technicians to ensure the quality of her work is never compromised.

So, as you step into our Los Angeles clinic, you can rest assured your restoration will go as expected and produce the highest quality results. Our multifaceted team knows how to select the right implant size, shade, and shape to match your facial aesthetics and personality.

How to find affordable dental implants near you

When you visit our teeth replacement Los Angeles clinic, you are immediately ushered into transparency. This is how your restoration process begins at our clinic. Our staff is trained to prioritize value over price and each time you step into our clinics, we assess the best possible way to solve your problem without reaching for your pockets first.

How do you know that you have found affordable dental implants cost near by? There are many dental implants Los Angeles practitioners and finding the right one can be daunting. That leaves you managing both the pain in your mouth and the pinch in your pockets.

To tell whether dental implants cost near by are affordable, find out what the package entails. Does it cover a free consultation, CT scan, and same-day treatment? Are there any flexible financing options available?

Luckily for you, Southland Dental Care in Los Angeles, CA checks all the above boxes. We allow a monthly payment from as low as $ 350 for full mouth dental implants, provide free 3D CT Scans, and one-day dental implants. For single implants, the monthly payment may reduce to as low as $ 69. With us, therefore, you never have to postpone your treatment.

Some of the factors constituting the cost of dental implants in Los Angeles are surgery and dentistry services along with all the clinical visits tied to related procedures, such as CT scans, bone grafting, and teeth extraction. The cost of a CT scan in Los Angeles may vary from $ 25 to $ 200. However, at Southland Dental Care, you get to save that much because our CT scan is 100% complimentary.

Do it right

Want to restore your smile naturally? Involve a reliable expert. Dr. Delaram Hanookai fits that description. Backed by decades of experience and advanced training, Dr. Hanookai is well versed in dealing with any structural problem in the gums and bones supporting your teeth and crowns. She is all about restoring smiles, and you can entrust her with yours.

Get in touch with our dental implants Los Angeles office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hanookai. Not sure of our dental implant specialist Los Angeles location? Southland Dental Care is located at 4312 Woodman Ave, #100 Sherman Oaks, CA. Visit us today to get that smile again!

Why Southland Dental Care?

We work with you throughout your treatment and restoration journey. With our complimentary dental implants consultation, you get access to:

  • Free CT Scan, Exam, and X-Rays
  • Same day teeth
  • Low monthly payments and interest-free financing
  • On-site dental laboratory
  • Sedation dentistry for a painless experience
  • Payment through credit cards and insurance plans
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