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All-on-6 Dental Implant

What Are All-on-6 Dental Implants?

An all-on-6 dental implant is the most modern implant that we offer here at Southland Dental Care. The name of this implant refers to the fact that all of a persons teeth on the upper or lower jaw are replaced with a bridge that consists of six implants. Instead of needing to place one dental implant into each gap caused by a missing or damaged tooth, a bridge is wired together to support six teeth being placed in at once. These implants are inserted directly into the jaw bone. These implants will integrate directly with the bone over time, which ensures that they remain sturdy and long-lasting.

Why All-on-6

Have you been living with missing teeth or are starting to notice that your teeth aren’t as strong as they once were? If so, you should know that there are a wide array of fantastic solutions available to you in Los Angeles that will allow you to obtain a beautiful smile once again. One of the most technologically advanced options available as a replacement for a missing tooth is an all-on-6 dental implant. The procedure that accompanies this implant is simple and straightforward at Southland Dental Care.

Physical and Medical Benefits of These Implants

When you need to replace some of your missing teeth, there are many different procedures for you to consider. While several of these options are beneficial and will allow you to have a great looking smile once more, all-on-6 offers a large number of distinctive advantages that you’ll want to be fully aware of. These advantages can be divided into physical benefits and medical benefits.

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Dental Implant Before and After
Dental Implant Before and After
Dental Implant Before and After
Dental Implant Before and After
Dental Implant Before and After
Dental Implant Before and After

The physical benefits of using the all-on-6 dental implants that we offer at Southland Dental Care are numerous. For one, these implants are permanent fixtures in your mouth, which means that they don’t need to be removed periodically. Because of this, you’ll get used to these implants in a shorter amount of time and will be able to enjoy eating and other activities far more than you might have with other solutions. That isn’t to say that the other solutions don’t have their own unique benefits as well, more so that the convenience of never having to remove these implants might weigh heavily into your considerations. Because these implants meld to the bone over time, they won’t shift when you’re eating or speaking. Some additional benefits include the fact that:

  • This solution doesn’t require much maintenance
  • This is a long-lasting solution that doesn’t need to be replaced regularly
  • All-on-6 implants fit naturally around the remainder of your teeth, making for a beautiful smile

There are also a substantial variety of medical benefits that might apply to you. The primary of these is the fact that the procedure is much simpler and less invasive when you require a multitude of implants. If you need to have 6 or 12 teeth replaced, the procedure with standard implants would be a lengthy one, which is a frustration that you can avoid with all-on-6. The all-on-6 procedure utilizes six implants per jaw that are inserted all at once, allowing for a much faster process overall. The all-on-6 procedure also reduces the amount of initial bone grafting surgery that’s necessary, allowing you to forego an extra amount of discomfort.

Since you don’t need to make use of bone grafting surgery in most cases when utilizing the all-on-6 dental implant, these implants will be functional immediately after we place them in your mouth. While this type of dental implant strengthens and becomes more durable over time, it’s still highly functional at the onset, providing you with the means of eating all types of food without worrying about whether or not these foods will cause further damage to your teeth. These are just a few of the many benefits you can derive from these implants. To find out if you’re a good candidate for the all-on-6 dental implant, contact our offices in Los Angeles to schedule your initial consultation.

What Does the All-on-6 Procedure Involve?

If you’ve decided that All-on-6 dental implants are the solution for your missing teeth, we want you to be as confident as possible about the treatment before you actually go through with it. In order to ascertain whether or not you’re suitable for this procedure, a thorough examination will be administered. Throughout this exam, several x-rays and scans will be taken in order to survey the anatomical structures within the mouth and identify if any bone loss has occurred where the implants will need to be inserted. Impressions will then be taken of your mouth before being sent off so that your dental implants can be made. These implants will be high quality and long-lasting, allowing you to have a perfect smile for years.

Once the implants are sent back to us, the actual procedure can begin. In order to keep you from feeling discomfort during the procedure, you will be provided with either a local anesthetic or intravenous sedation. The duration of the procedure largely depends on which jaws you need to have this implant inserted into. For one jaw, this procedure can take upwards of two hours to complete while both jaws can take around four hours.

You should be aware of the fact that any extractions you require will be done during the procedure, which will invariably lengthen the time that the procedure takes to complete. Once everything has been readied, the dental implants will be inserted directly into the jaw. Four are placed at the very front of the jaw while two are placed towards the rear. A temporary arch will be placed in your mouth after these implants have been inserted, which assists with the healing and recovery phase of the treatment.

This arch of teeth is temporary and stays there until a permanent restoration occurs. Your permanent teeth will be fixed a few months following the all-on-6 procedure, as it can take awhile before you’ve become acclimated to your new teeth. To properly maintain your implants, make sure that you always brush and floss twice every day.

Dental Implant Patient Review

Dental Implant Patient Review

I used to smile a lot when I was younger, then as I got older, you know you start to close your mouth more often, and that becomes a habit, and then you don't smile as much. But now, I'll be driving, and I'll just smile! I've also noticed a lot of people noticing my teeth, and their eyes are always locked on my new beautiful smile.
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