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Guided Tissue Regeneration - Sherman Oaks, CA

Guided Tissue Regeneration

Patients affected by more severe cases of gum disease often suffer from jaw bone and tooth loss. At the site of an extraction or missing tooth, the jaw bone begins to degrade over time, which deteriorates the supporting structures of the teeth. This puts surrounding teeth at risk of becoming loose, shifting or falling out. Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) is a process that uses a combination of membranes and tissue-stimulating proteins to regenerate the bone and tissue structures. This helps to restore natural look and function to the smile, and protects it from further harm.

Applications of GTR

  • Restore Bone Following an Extraction
  • Preserve Bone for Dental Implant Placement

Benefits of GTR

  • Helps Regenerate Lost Bone
  • Reduces Risk of Tooth Loss
  • Prevents Further Bone Loss
  • Repairs Esthetics of the Smile

How it Works

Dr. Delaram Hanookai may use GTR to promote natural regeneration of the gum and bone tissues following a surgical procedure. Once the gum pockets have been thoroughly cleaned, she will insert a membrane that covers the gums. This membrane serves to protect the slow-growing bone tissue while it regenerates and keep the rapidly-growing gums from migrating to the area. Once the bone has fully regenerated, typically about three to four months following the procedure, the natural appearance of the area should be restored.

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