' How much does a gum lift cost

How much does a gum lift cost?

How much does a gum lift cost

If your smile show an overgrowth of gums and you are bothered by it, then you would be a good candidate for a gum lift or gum contouring procedure. If a large portion of your gum is exposed when you smile, the condition is known as a gummy smile. Your gum tissue should be at or just over the neck of the tooth. Although excess gum tissue does not impact your oral wellbeing, many patients are displeased with the visual appeal of short teeth and awkward smile.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Industry

In the last three to five years, dental professionals and oral surgeons have used gum lift (gingivectomy) for aesthetic purposes. Gum lift was developed in the 1980s, but many dental practitioner and oral surgeons did not perform the procedures.

Today, the exact number of gingivectomies were performed are unknown because the procedure is usually are combined with other procedures such as veneers which help protect the teeth after a gum lift. But, now, according to the American Dental Association, over 550,000 procedures were performed in 2005 and 2006.

Types of treatment procedures

A gummy smile can affect the aesthetics of your smile and your confidence. Fortunately, a gummy smile can be eradicated through many forms of treatment options, including traditional procedures and laset dentistry.

Traditionally, gum lifts were performed using a scalpel. The procedure involves removing and trimming the tissue that surrounds the teeth. The remaining part of the gum is attached with sutures. This procedure is effective if you have crooked gums lines that make your smile look misaligned or uneven.

Laset dentistry has become quite popular, and it is a common procedure for gummy smile. Because lasers can be absorbed by melanin and haemoglobin, the soft tissue surrounding the teeth can be easily manipulated during gum recontouring. This will protect and help the wound heal faster. The heat from the laser can result in drying, coagulation and vaporization, which can prevent bleeding and inhibiting pain receptors. The laser can also sterilize the tissue and reduces the need for surgical dressing.

However, the laser is a factor in the cost of a gum lift and gum contouring.

Cost of a gum lift and the cost fo gum contouring

The average cost of a gum lift or cost fo gum contouring is $2000 and could range from $200 to $3000; however, depending on the process treatment needed. The cost fo gum contouring depends upon a few factors, and they vary from person to person. Some of the cost factors include the expertise, grade of practice and location. For gum reshaping, there are no set costs because they are customized to the individual patient.

Other costs for a gum lift

  1. The cost to shape and remove the gum around a tooth can range from $50 to $350.
  2.  The cost fo gum contouring that includes damage or overgrowth around the teeth can vary n cost.
  3. The cost fo contouring includes crown lengthening, which includes extensive gum reshaping and the removal the bone and gum tissue that can range from $1000 to $3000 more or less depending on the labor and expertise.

What is a Gum Lift?

A gum lift, also known as gingivectomy, is a corrective procedure that sculpts and lifts the gum edge. It is normally followed by a crown lengthening, which thins and shape the remaining tissue so that it fit better and look natural.

A gum lift can reshape the upper jaw and even out the tooth and gum ratio. This procedure also entails the reshaping the bones and tissue to form a symmetrical or an illusion of longer teeth, thereby creating a beautiful smile.

Quick healing and less pain are common advantages with laset dentistry, and patients rarely need sutures or periodontal packing. Laser surgery is quick and comfortable, and recovery takes only a few days.

Is gum lifting the same as Gum Contouring?

No. A gum lift treatment can reduce gum exposure when you smile. The procedure us a laser to remove a small portion of the gum tissue from the around the teeth. The procedure is painless, and it does not require sutures and requires few weeks for recovery.

The removable of a portion of the gum with a laser makes the gum shorter and the teeth appear longer, forming a pleasing smile. Laser gum lifting can also decrease the risk of infection.

Gum contouring requires an anaesthetic. During gum contouring, a portion of the gum tissue is repositioned around each tooth by raising the tissue and putting it in a new position. Once the tissue is placed, the sutures are installed. The recovery time runs from range from seven to ten days. The sutures are then removed. Gum contouring can be used to correct gum recession as well.

Both options will eliminate a small portion of the gum so, if your smile is not to your liking, schedule a free consultation with Southland Dental Care in Los Angeles to discuss your options.

Gum lifting for a gummy smile – Gummy smile reduction

Gummy smiles are thought to be genetic, but there are many facial factors can result in this condition. Factors such as facial tissues and muscles, gum tissue and the size and shape of your teeth and lips can affect your smile. The below facial actors can play a part in this condition.

Tooth eruption occurs when the teeth first enter the mouth and are visible.

  1. Abnormal eruptions occur when the teeth appear shorter even though the teeth are normal length.
  2. With the altered eruption, the tooth erupts accurately, but the teeth are covered with too much gum tissue and bone.
  3. With passive eruption, the teeth are within the specified parameter, but the teeth are coated with an excess of gum tissue and bone.
  4. With super-eruption the front teeth slide lower, taking the gum tissue with it when the upper jaw is larger than the lower jaw.

The growth of the upper jaw can be a huge factor in contributing to this condition. The result of this condition happens when the upper jaw dimension are longer than normal vertically, when the bone projects into the gum tissue, during the jaw development and when the teeth are grounded so much they contact the lower teeth and the gum tissue.

The upper lip plays a role as well. When the upper lip is higher than normal, when the facial muscles lift the lip too high and when the upper lip is too short, the result reveals too much gum and can contribute to an abnormality in your smile.

Pros and Cons of gum Lifting

There are pros and cons of Gum lift/laser gum contouring. They include the following:


  1. Eliminate excess gum tissue
  2. Improved symmetry and balance between the gum and teeth
  3. Laser gum contouring reduced discomfort
  4. Brief recovery period
  5. Promotes aesthetics teeth
  6. Limit the risk of tooth decay as a result of too much gum tissue.
  7. A gum lift is a permanent procedure. Once a portion of the gums has been removed, they do not grow back.


  1. If you are allergic to local anaesthetic
  2. Having a bone defect that prevents gum lift correction
  3. Laser technology can be expensive.
  4. Gum contouring is not permanent. Gum regrowth may occur.

What is the process ( we use laser dentistry )

Gum contouring surgery is an in-house invasive procedure. Before the procedure, the doctor will explain the procedure and administer a local anaesthetic to numb the area. Some doctors use a pen to draw lines to show you the gum line. You will able to see the amount of gum to removed and reshaped. If you need a bone removal to get the best result, the doctor will remove it during the gum contouring procedure. During a laser procedure, gums can be carefully removed as the need to achieve a higher gumline. The laser will cauterize the tissue quickly to minimize bleeding and speed up your recovery time when compared to traditional surgery.

Gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure that can change the look of your gums and supply you with a much healthier smile. Laser gum contouring takes just one appointment and needs a recovery time of merely a couple of days to a few weeks. If you are interested laser gum contouring and your wonder if it is an option for you, contact Southland for a free consultation.

What should I expect after a gum contouring?

After the procedure, you should limit your physical activities and rest. After a few weeks, your gums should return to normal, and there should not be restrictions on eating or daily activities. Your doctor can give you recommendation and instructions on how to aid your recovery. Gum contouring can provide permanent results that produce a smile look far healthier and more attractive.

Where to fix my gummy smile in Los Angeles

visit Southland Dental Care for a free consultation

When you have gums that are abnormal, it can cause discomforts, and it can lower your self-confidence when you speak and smile. If you are bothered by your smile or do not feel comfortable with it, visit or call Southland Dental Care and get a free consultation for treatment choices and a confirm diagnosis. Their diagnosis will confirm if you have a gummy smile, and if you do, they will create a treatment plan to correct your smile. Some of their treatment plans include the following:

  • Laser treatments
  • Procedures that can contour and sculpt your gingival bone and tissues
  • Smile makeover

Each treatment will reduce gum tissue to ensure the visibility of your teeth. So, if you are searching for a solution to your gummy smile, contact Southland Dental Care and make an appointment. You are steps away from a beautiful smile.

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