' Benefits of Receiving Dental Implants in Sherman Oaks, CA

Dental Implants in Sherman Oaks, CA

Rebuild Your Self-Confidence with Natural-Looking Dental Implants

Over 178 million U.S. adults are affected by missing teeth. There are many causes of missing teeth, from severe periodontal disease to dental trauma or extraction. Even just one missing tooth can drastically change the way we look and feel, altering our lifestyle as we face a smile we no longer recognize as our own.

Dental implants are quickly replacing traditional tooth replacement options. With high success rates, healthy bone stimulation that other methods fail to achieve, and the ability to obtain natural look and function, they are a permanent tooth replacement solution.

Benefits of Dental Implants

From a Single Tooth to a Full Arch Replacement, Dental Implants Are Life-Changing

  • Renewed Confidence
  • Enhanced Quality of Life
  • Preserves Bone Structure
  • Durability- Made to Last
Before And After
  • Natural Look and Feel
  • Improved Oral Health
  • No Damage to Healthy Teeth
  • Rarely Need Replacement

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Dr. Delaram Hanookai stands behind her work, ensuring that your dental implants are the long-lasting solution you need. Dental implants have a 98 percent success rate; however, in the unlikely event an implant is not successful, Dr. Hanookai is pleased to correct any issues or repeat the procedure. Read our Blog to learn what factors could cause a dental implant to fail.

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One Patient's Review

One Patient's Review

I like this office, the feeling of it, and the doctors. Dr. Hanookai came so highly recommended, from all of the searching I've done, especially in regard to the dental implants. Dr. Hanookai did the implants and bone grafting. Dr. Abaian did all of the crown work. They both were just great. I'm very detail-oriented myself, very methodical, and I'm sort of a perfectionist, so I had a lot of questions and they answered everything. It's important to me that they have the latest equipment, because I know that I'm getting the best that the dental profession has to offer.
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