Millions of Americans face the challenge of tooth loss due to injuries, decay, and periodontal disease, often hiding their smiles or covering their mouths out of self-consciousness. At Southland Dental Care, Dr. Delaram Hanookai offers the best dental implants in Los Angeles — a proven and permanent solution that not only replaces lost teeth but restores confidence with a natural-looking smile.

What are dental implants

Dental implants are life-changing for those who need them most. Missing and severely damaged teeth are replaceable with reliable and beautiful dental implants. The screw-shaped titanium becomes the root to attach the crown. The connector or abutment is built into the top of the replacement tooth. A customized crown replacement tooth made to match your natural teeth completes the implant. An implant is essentially replacing the root of your tooth. Therefore, since the tooth has a new root, this provides a strong foundation for removable or permanent replacement teeth.

Best Dental Implants in Los Angeles

There are single tooth implants and full arch implants. It’s possible to get a few single tooth implants or replace a full arch of teeth. Choosing single implants or full arch implants depends upon how many teeth are missing or damaged. All of the remaining natural teeth are removed for a full arch implant. Next, the mouth is cleansed and numbed.

After cleaning and numbing the mouth, a set of four to six implants are placed around the arches of the mouth. After the implants installation, they serve as anchors for your replacement teeth. The replacement teeth are directly attached to the titanium exposed in the gums. You could think of full arch implants as a full dental restoration. Full arch dental implants may require fewer visits to complete the process.