Are you sick of your dentures? Are your teeth in need of repair, but the prospect of dentures seems a little off-putting? Southland Dental Care, one of the best Los Angeles dental implant offices, can help. With state of the art equipment and the best professionals we can find, we are dedicated to giving you the best dental experience you can have. We have treatments for all your dental needs, and we can help make your dentures a thing of the past. Our All-on-6 dental implants are sure to have you feeling good about your teeth in just 24 hours.


What are All-on-6 Implants

All-on-6 implants use 6 dental implants to support a bridge that holds up a complete arch of replacement teeth for either your upper or lower jaw. It uses 4 implants in the front of your jaw and 2 implants, placed at an angle, in the back for maximum support. This technique is specially designed to ensure minimum invasiveness, maximum effectiveness, and the best possible results for people in need of completely new teeth. All-on-six dental implants aren’t just a solution for decayed teeth, you might also benefit if you suffer from acid reflux or tooth loss due to trauma.

All on 6 Implants, full arch

Why Choose Full Arch Dental Implants?

There are many benefits to full arch, All-on-6 dental implants; it is one of the best solutions to tooth loss known to medical societies today. With up to 80% of the bite power of natural teeth and a secure integration into the jawbone, it eliminates inconveniences such as taking out and cleaning your prosthetic teeth at night or limiting what you eat in order to take care of dentures.

Not only do All-on-6 dental implants function like real teeth, but they look like them, too. They are firmly secured to eliminate jiggling or removability, and they give you a natural smile and natural voice. Between the secure implants and the lack of adhesives, the All-on-6 process makes it possible for you to treat your teeth exactly as you would if they were natural.

The All-on-6 implant procedure is quick with limited invasion. It requires about 2 hours per jaw and a very short recovery time, so after your one-time surgery, you’ll be ready to go out and use your fully functional teeth! Since only a few implants are needed, you can often avoid the additional bone graft procedures typical of other techniques. In fact, the use of implants actually stabilizes your bone, making it stay more firmly in place.

How All-on-6 Can Change Your Life

Are you ashamed of your smile? Do you live in constant fear that your dentures will slip, fall out, make your smile look like it came out of a horror movie, or change your speech patterns? At Southland