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Ridge Preservation - Sherman Oaks, CA

Ridge Preservation

From the time the teeth are removed, significant degeneration of the surrounding bone begins to take place. Without the stimulation of tooth roots to tell the body jaw bone and soft tissues are needed, they begin to recede or collapse. As these supporting structures break down, it puts the mouth at risk of further tooth loss. When one or more teeth are extracted from the mouth, Dr. Delaram Hanookai may recommend ridge preservation immediately following the extraction to rebuild and stabilize the bone in the area. This reduces complications and costs that can otherwise accumulate prior to tooth replacement. The procedure can also be performed in areas of the mouth where teeth have been missing for a while to help recreate the supporting structure.

Causes of Tooth Loss

  • Gum Disease
  • Infection and Decay
  • Dental Damage or Trauma
  • Inadequate Dental Hygiene

Reasons for Ridge Preservation

  • Gum Disease
  • Stabilize Bone Following Tooth Extraction
  • Preserve a Natural-Looking Smile
  • Preparation for Dental Implants

How it Works

During a ridge preservation procedure, Dr. Hanookai will pack the empty socket where the tooth had been with a bone-like material cover it with a small absorbable plug or suture to provide stabilizing support. Early on, the grafting material will support the tissue surrounding the socket, and in time will be replaced by new bone. This bone will be an excellent support should you choose later to have dental implant-supported replacement teeth. Although the bone created by socket grafting supports and preserves the socket, it will not do so indefinitely. Placing dental implants four to twelve months after the extraction and socket grafting will provide the best long-lasting support for preserving your jawbone and allow you to function as before. Otherwise the graft may “melt away” or resorb over time.

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