' Dental Implants: Bone Augmentation and Nerve Repositioning

Dental Implants: Bone Augmentation and Nerve Repositioning

Bone Augmentation and Nerve Repositioning in Los Angeles, CA

If you have a lack of natural and healthy bone to hold dental implants, Los Angeles, you may be an excellent candidate for bone augmentation. Bone augmentation Los Angeles is a procedure to rebuild the lost bone.

When a periodontist performs bone augmentation in Los Angeles, he or she is trying to build a foundation to secure the dental implants Los Angeles in alveolar bone structure. Most bone augmentations are completed by using a bone graft. A bone graft is where the new graft material adheres to the old bone to create new bone.

Bone augmentation is needed for a variety of reasons. Healthy bone is required to support dental implants Los Angeles securely. Gum disease, trauma to the face or jaw, and other oral conditions can compromise the integrity of the bone.

If you have teeth missing and have empty spaces, you may not have enough bone to support dental implants. This fact is also actual for those individuals who have worn dentures for multiple years. Both of these conditions deteriorate bone density.

As bone augmentation for dental implants has grown in popularity, it has become a relatively painless procedure. This minimally invasive process can now be done in the office of your periodontist. Most oral surgeons or periodontists will do the bone augmentation Los Angeles procedure at the same time as they extract a tooth. This practice helps to promote faster healing.

If the bone augmentation is performed after an individual has had teeth missing for a while, it is a different process. The periodontist will first use a local anesthetic to numb the mouth. During the second step, he or she will cut a small incision into the tissue of the gum to make the bone exposed.

When the bone is exposed, the periodontist will then connect the bone graft material to it. This material includes proteins and collagen to promote bone growth. He or she will then stitch the incision closed. After the bone augmentation in Los Angeles, the graft material is slowly replaced by the growth of new bone.

As the bone grows, the bone graft material is absorbed. It can take up to nine months for the bone is healed enough for dental implants Los Angeles. A successful bone augmentation begins with the proper bone graft material. One option is to take bone from the person who needs the bone graft material. This type of graft is referred to as autograft and is typically removed from your hip, shin, or chin.

Another option is the use of bone from another person or a cadaver. This type of bone graft material is referred to as allograft. This same procedure can be completed using bone taken from animals which is called a xenograft. A fourth option is alloplast. Alloplast is a bone graft that is developed in a laboratory.

When bone is harvested, it is disinfected and processed. These items help to ensure bacteria and diseases are not passed from donor and recipient. Whether the bone is synthetic or harvested, it can be stored in a dental office until used.

Bone augmentation is a minor invasive procedure, but sometimes a more invasive procedure is necessary. Nerve repositioning for dental implants surgery may be needed. In this procedure, the periodontist moves the inferior alveolar nerve in the lower jaw to make room for the dental implants. This surgery is more aggressive than others, so it tends to be a last resort.

When a periodontist performs nerve repositioning for dental implants, he or she removes a section of the cheek covering the lower jawbone. This step exposes the nerve and vessel canal of the lower jawbone. This bundle is carefully moved to allow room for the dental implants.

The implants are placed and then the nerve is released. Anytime a nerve is touched or moved, permanent damage can happen which means nerve repositioning for dental implants can cause lasting damage. If you need dental implants Los Angeles, call or visit Southland Dental Care today for a consultation.

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