When Will a Dentist Extract a Tooth? Some of the most common questions we hear are about the cost of full teeth extraction. This includes different types of extractions such as:

  • Surgical extraction cost
  • Broken molar tooth extraction cost
  • Molar extraction cost
  • Simple extraction cost
  • Dental extraction cost
  • Broken tooth extraction cost
  • Average cost to have a tooth pulled
  • Rotten tooth removal cost
  • Oral teeth surgery cost

Although you may have had your wisdom teeth removed as a teenager or an adult, there are other reasons you may need to have a tooth removed. This includes crowding, tooth infection and tooth decay. If you need braces, your dentist may need to extract a couple of teeth to make room for your other teeth to move into place. Your teeth can also be compromised by an organ transplant or chemotherapy. Your tooth extraction cost includes an oral surgeon or dentist performing your procedure. You will also receive some type of anesthesia with your outpatient dental extraction surgery.

When you have visible teeth removed, it is called a simple extraction. Your procedure will be more involved if your teeth are below the surface, broken or impacted. At this point, you are most likely wondering what is my tooth extraction cost or is dental extraction surgery necessary. When you have a consultation with your dentist or oral surgeon, your specific tooth extraction cost will be determined. Your dentist will also determine if you need bone grafting after tooth extraction or oral teeth surgery.

How Much Does a Simple Tooth Extraction Cost?

Your tooth extraction cost is dependent on if your tooth is impacted. Your simple extraction cost is generally $75 to $200 for each tooth. Your tooth removal cost can increase depending on the type of anesthesia necessary. If your tooth is impacted, your procedure is more expensive. In this instance, your average cost to have a tooth removed is $800 to $4,000. Your tooth extraction cost can also be influenced by where you live.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

An intact or broken molar tooth extraction is often performed on your wisdom teeth. These are the last molars located in the back of your mouth. Your wisdom teeth grow when you are 17 to 25 years of age. You may need to have them removed if they result in crowding. Your dentist may also extract these teeth to prevent cavities, tooth decay and various oral issues. The most common issues include:

Erosion Cavity

If your wisdom tooth comes into contact with your next molar resultin