' What are the Best & Strongest Denture Adhesives On The Market

Strongest Denture Adhesive

What are the Best & Strongest Denture Adhesives On The Market

One of the most common questions we are asked from patients with dentures is which denture adhesive holds the strongest. You have probably debated between denture paste, denture powder, denture glue and denture cream and wondered which denture adhesive is the best? You need denture adhesives that really hold. The best denture adhesive for lower dentures is not necessarily the same as what you need for your upper dentures. At Southland Dental Care, we want you to have the best denture adhesive for your individual needs.

We realize when your denture is made correctly, you will not need denture glue for a good fit. When you are enjoying a meal in a restaurant or socializing, you may be more comfortable by applying a small layer of denture cream. If you need to use a massive amount of denture glue to keep your dentures in place there is an issue. The best denture adhesive does not require a large amount for a strong hold. If your dentures move around with a small amount of denture adhesive, they do not fit properly and must be replaced

What is Denture Adhesive?

If you have just recently started wearing dentures, you may not be familiar with denture adhesive. You may also be wondering if the strongest denture adhesive is even necessary. If you have been wearing your dentures for a long time, you may notice the fit has changed and is not as good as in the past. Not everyone with dentures needs denture glue or denture cream. They are important on those occasions when your dentures feel slightly loose. There are several different types of denture adhesive on the market including:

  • Denture paste
  • Denture powder
  • Denture cream
  • Denture glue
  • Denture adhesive pads

All of these options are placed directly onto your dentures to help ensure they remain in place. At Southland Dental Care, the majority of our patients with dentures do not need any type of adhesive. This is because we make certain your dentures fit correctly. You may experience an issue as time passes due to shrinkage of the bone structure within your mouth. This can lead to your dentures becoming loose. Chances are good you do not even realize your gum and bone structure has changed.

Shrinkage is normal and no reason for you to be concerned. Your best option is to visit your Los Angeles Dentist to have new dentures made with a proper fit. You may not realize one set of dentures is not intended to last for your entire life. If your dentures are not fitting correctly, your dentist may be able to reline them. If not, you can have a new set made to fit correctly into your mouth. Denture adhesive is meant to be a temporary solution, not a permanent fix. The strongest denture adhesive will temporarily ensure your dentures are more stable.

You should consider denture cream when your dentures become loose from shrinkage as a temporary solution only. When you consult with your dentist, you will be informed whether you simply need an alignment or new dentures. If you need new dentures, you will discover the cost of dentures in Los Angeles is both reasonable and competitive. Once you have achieved the correct fit, the strongest denture adhesive will most likely lose some importance.

Best Denture Adhesive for 2021

Determining which dental cream, paste or powder is right for your needs can be difficult. Whether you are looking at a local drug store or online, there is a wide range of products to choose from. Denture adhesive is a controversial subject throughout the dental industry. This is because if your dentures are comfortable and fit well you will most likely never wonder which is the strongest dental adhesive. A proper fit means you will probably never need to use adhesives. There are some patients interested in using a light layer of dental adhesive for security.

If you require denture glue on a regular basis, it is a sign of an issue you need to address. Even if you use a lot of the strongest dental adhesive, it will not provide a better hold. If the only way to keep your dentures in place is with the use of massive amounts of adhesive, your dentures do not fit properly and you need to have them replaced. Once you see the difference, you will understand the issue was never with your dental adhesive but with your actual dentures.

If your dentures fit well and you simply want to find denture adhesives that really hold, try using a small amount of several different types. This is a good way to determine your personal preference. If you are interested in finding the strongest denture adhesive for a little extra security, begin with a powder adhesive. All you need to do to ensure your dentures remain secure is to use a light layer. If you are still uncertain, talk to your dentist about the best dental adhesive to receive recommendations.

Best Zinc Free Denture Adhesive

To understand the importance of a zinc free denture adhesive, you need to know why this type of product was originally developed. In the past, all denture adhesive contained zinc. The problem was there were numerous lawsuits filed against the manufactures because people just like you became sick. Unfortunately, there were cases you may or may not be aware of resulting in permanent nerve damage. Originally, zinc was added to denture adhesive to improve your adhesion. All you need to do to remain safe is follow the directions and use the product correctly.

As long as you do not use massive quantities, you can enjoy a little extra security and the strongest denture adhesive without risking your personal safety. If you need new dentures, schedule an appointment, ask about the cost of dentures in Los Angeles and have new dentures made. If you use massive amounts of dental adhesive for years, you can experience zinc toxicity. If your dentures fit correctly, this will not be an issue. Once you understand your bone structure and gums change naturally over time, you will realize you were never meant to wear the same dentures forever.

If you are still concerned about toxicity, the solution is to try the best zinc free denture adhesive. A variety of dental adhesive not containing zinc was released to provide you with a safer option. You should be aware the only reason super strong denture adhesive was created without zinc is to help the manufacturer avoid litigation. Unfortunately, you may be using far too much denture adhesive because you do not realize the issue is with your dentures. Our recommendation for the best zinc free denture adhesive is Super Polygrip Free.

This is an adhesive cream without zinc offering you a long-lasting and secure hold. You are ensured your health and safety are not compromised while keeping out those annoying particles of food. Super Polygrip Free does not contain any zinc, dyes or artificial flavors so you can feel good about using the product.

Best Dental Adhesive Powders

One of your best options to hold your dentures throughout the day is Fixodent Extra Hold. When you use this denture adhesive powder, your dentures should not slip and food should be unable to make its way beneath your dentures. Not only is this product the best adhesive for upper dentures, but it is also the best glue for partial dentures as well. We have already recommended using only a light layer of any denture adhesive to ensure you receive the best possible results. If you have never used a denture adhesive in the past, this is a good option.

We understand there are times when the last thing you want is to take a chance your dentures might slip. You can achieve the extra security you want with a super strong denture adhesive. One of the reasons for the popularity of this product is its versatility. Whether you have partial or full dentures, you should receive the results you want.

Using Fixodent Powder Denture Adhesive Correctly

If you decide you would like to try Fixodent Extra Hold, following the correct steps is important. Although this product is the strongest denture adhesive, it is not difficult to use. All you need to do is simply follow the steps detailed below to apply your powder denture adhesive.

  1. Step One: Clean your dentures thoroughly.
  2. Step Two: Thoroughly wet your dentures.
  3. Step Three: The application of your powder needs to be in a thin layer. You should see a diagram located directly on your carton or bottle.
  4. Step Four: Make certain you shake all of the loose powder off your dentures.
  5. Step Five: Insert your dentures, then hold them in place briefly.

You should also be aware of several warnings that are incredibly important and should be followed including:

  • Do not use more a maximum of one-quarter teaspoon. You need to shake off any excess powder. If your powder starts to come off of your dentures while in your mouth, you have used far too much.
  • If your dentures have a poor fit, do not try to make up for it by using excess powder. You need to see your Los Angeles Dentist and have new dentures made.
  • Do not use your denture adhesive more than once each day. If you use the product correctly, one bottle should last you for a minimum of nine to 10 weeks.
  • Do not use more denture adhesive than directed because this product contains zinc. If you use the product too frequently or in massive quantities, there is a link to serious health issues. If you are using another product containing zinc, we recommend talking to your dentist before using any denture adhesive also containing zinc.

It is fine to use a small amount of the strongest denture adhesive every day to feel more secure. It is exceptionally important to make certain you are receiving proper dental care to ensure your dentures fit correctly. If your dentures do not fit properly, you are taking a chance of negatively impacting your health.

Which Denture Adhesive Holds the Strongest for Lower Dentures?

The best denture adhesive cream for lower dentures needs to hold your dentures securely without any oozing. One of the best denture adhesive for lower dentures is Fixodent Complete Original. This denture cream offers you a narrow applicator so you can dispense precisely into three different areas. Your result is a long-lasting and superior hold. Another advantage of this product is it does not contain any zinc.

Best Adhesive for Upper Dentures

When your upper dentures fit properly, suction will hold them in place. If your upper dentures have become loose, liquids and air can get beneath your dentures because there is space. This will break your seal. If you need to fill the excess space, a good denture adhesive is Ezo Denture Cushions. An adhesive is embedded directly onto your cushions to help improve your security. You can use scissors to customize your cushions to correctly fit the majority of dentures.

Natural Denture Adhesive

You may be interested in either an organic or natural denture adhesive without any artificial colors, flavors, zinc, petrochemicals, scents or preservatives. You may also be searching for a solution without synthetic adhesives containing harmful materials. This is a niche market with two denture adhesives available that should suit your needs, NaturDent and BioForce. The adhesive properties are created using a range of ingredients including natural gums, pine resins and glycerin. You should be aware the price for organic and natural products is at a premium.

Strongest Denture Adhesive for Soft Liners

The best dental adhesive for your soft liner is not using any adhesive at all. Your soft liners were created to help ensure your denture adapts to the exact shape of your gums while offering plenty of cushion. If your gums are extremely sore, soft liners are an excellent option. This is especially true if your gums are nearly nonexistent or extremely resorbed. If you use a combination of your soft liner and adhesives, it is a recipe for disaster. You will never be able to remove all of the denture adhesive from your soft liner without destroying your soft liner.

If you absolutely need to use a denture adhesive on your dentures that were relined using a soft liner, you need a new soft liner. There is a temporary solution if you need help before you receive your new soft liner. This is a combination product useful as both your temporary soft liner and an adhesive. Cushion Grip offers the properties of a soft liner and a thermoplastic denture that will last you for a long time. Your excess space will be taken up by the material while adapting to your gums and offering the security of an adhesive.

If you take appropriate care when you clean your dentures, you can expect the material to last for as long as four days. After that, you will need to replace the material. Applying a layer of Cushion Grip correctly can be a temporary lifesaver if you have sores on your gums from your dentures rubbing. You should make an appointment as quickly as possible with your Los Angeles Dentist for a permanent solution.

Best Glue for Partial Dentures

Your partial dentures have a unique design to support your teeth. If your partials have been adjusted correctly, the chance of your needing an adhesive is very slim. If your partial feels a little bit loose, the best denture adhesive for partials is to apply a powder in a light layer. One of the best products you can buy specifically for your partials is Fixodent Extra Hold.

What is the Best Overall Adhesive for Dentures?

You have a wide range of choices for your dental adhesive. If your goal is to find the strongest denture adhesive, it comes down to personal choice. Dentex makes a product called Secure Waterproof Denture Adhesive. This is a great overall choice for several reasons, First, the product is both flavor-free and zinc-free. Second, you receive a maximum of 12 hours of secure hold. This product is different from other denture adhesives since it is not water-soluble. This means there are no adhesive particles to dissolve and ooze out as your day passes.

If you find denture adhesive is necessary on a regular basis to keep your dentures secure, the issue is most likely with your dentures and not your adhesive. Your dentist can check your dentures to determine if you require a realignment, an adjustment or new dentures. Attempting to cope with dentures that will not remain in place is difficult even during the best of your days. Call Southland Dental Care today to schedule an appointment to have your dentures checked to ensure you receive the best possible results.

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