One of the most common questions we are asked from patients with dentures is which denture adhesive holds the strongest. You have probably debated between denture paste, denture powder, denture glue and denture cream and wondered which denture adhesive is the best? You need denture adhesives that really hold. The best denture adhesive for lower dentures is not necessarily the same as what you need for your upper dentures. At Southland Dental Care, we want you to have the best denture adhesive for your individual needs.

Secure Sensitive Gums Waterproof Denture Adhesive Zinc Free with Aloe Vera & Myrrh – Extra Strong 12 Hour Hold

We realize when your denture is made correctly, you will not need denture glue for a good fit. When you are enjoying a meal in a restaurant or socializing, you may be more comfortable by applying a small layer of denture cream. If you need to use a massive amount of denture glue to keep your dentures in place there is an issue. The best denture adhesive does not require a large amount for a strong hold. If your dentures move around with a small amount of denture adhesive, they do not fit properly and must be replaced.