What are Temporary Partial Dentures?
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What are Temporary Partial Dentures?

Numerous individuals have had teeth removed due to gum disease or decay. The appearance and function of your teeth can be corrected with permanent dentures. In this instance, the dentist will most likely recommend temporary or immediate dentures. You can wear these dentures for two to three months after you have had the necessary teeth removed. As soon as your natural teeth have been removed, the dentist will fit you with temporary partial dentures. The process begins before you have any teeth extracted. A bite impression is taken by the dentist. The shape, size and shade of your teeth are determined.

The dentist then measures your lower and upper jaw. An impression of the lower and upper arches of your mouth can then be completed. The dentist also uses your facial shape, lips and existing natural teeth for the creation of your temporary dentures. Prior to your extraction, temporary partial dentures will be created for immediate insertion. This is extremely beneficial if you have a history of sensitivity in your gums and teeth. This is because any sensitivity in your remaining teeth will not receive as much pressure while you are chewing. You will not have to be concerned about any missing teeth while your mouth is healing.

You will need to visit the dentist four to five times to ensure your temporary partial dentures are completed before your tooth extraction. The technique for making temporary dentures is the same as for permanent dentures. This difference is they are created before your extraction. Since you will not know exactly how your mouth will appear after your teeth have been removed, the measurements taken by the dentist are extremely important. The molds created for your partial permanent dentures are not made until your gum tissues have healed completely after your extraction.

You will need to allow between six and eight weeks for your new dentures to be made. As your mouth heals, your gum tissues will start to shrink. This will change the way your temporary dentures fit.

How Much Temporary Dentures Cost?

There is an additional cost for temporary dentures. When you try to figure out how much your immediate dentures will cost and how you will be paying for them, you must consider the different options available. Please refer to dentures cost in Los Angeles.

The majority of dentists offer some kind of financing to enable their patients to pay for anything considered major including dentures and tooth extractions. This enables you to make low monthly payments over time. Most dentists also accept major credit cards. You can simply ask your dentist’s office what options are available.

Once you have made the decision to get dentures, you can start putting money in a health care sa