' Do emergency rooms have dentists?

Many people seek dental treatment at the emergency room, but hospitals can rarely provide the required treatment like an emergency dentist can.

Emergency rooms in hospitals all over the nation are routinely full. In some cases, people come in without a bona fide medical emergency. At other times, the emergency in question is not something that can be handled adequately by the staff. A prime example involves going to the emergency room for oral care. It may seem like the best course of action but the truth is, most emergency rooms are simply not equipped to handle dental emergencies. For those in California, an emergency dentist in Los Angeles is actually a much better option.

Can You Even Get Dental Treatment in the Emergency Room?

In the vast majority of situations, the answer is no. There is typically no dentist in emergency rooms. Since the overwhelming majority of hospitals do not have a dentist on staff, there is virtually no way for them to treat most dental emergencies. Despite that fact, many people have a tendency to go to the emergency room when they have a problem with their health. In some cases, this decision is made because the patient in question can’t get an appointment with a dentist right away. In other cases, it comes down to a matter of not having a regular dentist, coupled with the fear that the bill will ultimately be more than some patients can afford. Individuals who have similar concerns often go to the emergency room for various treatments as opposed to visiting a physician or dentist.

The Emergency Room Dilemma

This can easily overload emergency rooms. In fact, it can cause such a backlog that it delays treatment for other potentially serious cases. In addition, those who seek treatment for dental issues often end up wasting their own time. As previously mentioned, there is usually no dentist in emergency rooms. If no one is on staff who is qualified to handle a specific problem, it cannot be treated in that location.

The Reality of Going to the Emergency Room for Tooth Emergency 

For people who don’t routinely go to the emergency room, there can be a misconception that it is possible to walk in and be seen almost immediately. In reality, that rarely happens. The largest hospitals tend to have the most resources, but they also have more patients. In short, there are more people waiting in the emergency room. Furthermore, patients must be triaged, or prioritized, so that the most serious medical issues are handled first. Therefore, patients who can walk in on their own accord may end up waiting for hours. When a person comes in waiting to be seen for tooth pain, there may be little that can be done on site. In all likelihood, you will simply be given pain medication and sent on your way. This may make you feel better in the short-term, but it doesn’t correct the root cause of the problem. As soon as the pain medication wears off, you will probably be in agony all over again. If you are thinking that the answer is to go to a smaller hospital, think again. While it is true that smaller hospitals are likely to have shorter waiting times, they also tend to have fewer resources. Either way, you are not likely to get the treatment you need in an emergency room. The best thing you can do is find a highly qualified emergency dentist in Los Angeles. Otherwise, the problem could become much more serious than it already is.

Do Hospitals Ever Have Dentists on Staff?

It is not unheard of for a hospital to employ the services of a dentist. However, it is very rare. There was a time when hospitals tried to serve virtually every need a patient could possibly have. That said, things have changed dramatically over the course of the last several years. As such, most hospitals only employ the services of those deemed absolutely necessary. That is one reason you now see a number of hospitals that specialize in only one aspect of medicine. Examples of these types of facilities include dedicated cancer centers and those who focus only on heart and vascular health. With the changing face of medicine, oral health has largely been removed from the hospital environment. Even on the rare occasion that a dentist is part of the emergency room staff, he or she may not be employed on a full-time basis. More than likely, the individual will only be called in for true dental emergencies that must be treated right away.

The Need for an Emergency Dentist
What should you do if you can’t go to the emergency room for dental treatment? It is crucial that you have an emergency dentist in Los Angeles, preferably one that can be reached any time of day. A dentist specializes in treating both diseases and injuries that can jeopardize your oral health. As such, your dentist is one of the most important aspects of your routine healthcare. An emergency dentist takes things up a notch by allowing you to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing what you should do in the event of an emergency associated with your dental care. It also dramatically cuts down the amount of time required to be seen in most cases, as valuable time isn’t wasted trying to find the right resources.

What About Financing?

You may be worried about paying for emergency dental care. If you are, it’s understandable. However, you should not allow those concerns to prevent you from taking care of your oral health. If you need an emergency dentist in Los Angeles, it is unlikely that you can afford to wait for treatment at a later date. Remember, an oral health emergency is no less important than any other medical emergency. Putting it off will delay the issue and in some cases, it may cause the problem to become considerably worse. Fortunately, some offices do offer financing options. If you are concerned about the cost associated with your emergency dental care, don’t hesitate to ask about your options.

Should You Have an Emergency Dentist Ready and Waiting?
Most people seem to have the unfortunate tendency to wait until something happens. They then find themselves scrambling to sort out the problem at the last minute. It is actually much easier (and less stressful) to have an emergency dentist in Los Angeles that you know you can count on ahead of time. The last thing you want to do is be forced to look for one when you are in pain and time is of the essence. Therefore, it is much better to have someone you know you can call, preferably someone who already has your pertinent medical information on file.

Exceptions to the Rule

Are there times when you really should go to the emergency room as opposed to visiting an emergency dentist in Los Angeles? If you’ve read this far, you probably think you should never go to the hospital for problems with your oral health. In most cases, that is correct. However, there are a few exceptions. If you have uncontrolled bleeding from the mouth or there is physical injury to the jaw or other facial bones, you should go to the hospital immediately. The same is true if you are having problems breathing or swallowing. Cases like these are not only oral health emergencies. They are also medical emergencies that require immediate attention by medical professionals. Therefore, you should not hesitate to call an ambulance right away. Trying to drive yourself to the hospital can be extremely dangerous. It’s best to let those who are trained for such issues handle it.

Recapping What You Already Know

You may be feeling like you are suffering from information overload by now. The most important thing to remember is that you should not rely on a hospital’s emergency room to treat you for problems related to your oral health unless you are experiencing a genuine medical emergency. Examples include physical injury to the face, excessive bleeding and swelling that makes it difficult to breathe or swallow. You may also go to the emergency room if you have pain so severe that you feel like you might pass out or you are in need of antibiotics. Unless one of these descriptions fits you, you should refrain from going to the hospital. Instead, visit an emergency dentist to get the treatment you need.

If you need to find an emergency dentist that always puts your needs first, contact us at Southland Dental Care. We have the expertise to treat even the most complex emergencies and we do it all with a caring, compassionate attitude. Our staff has the training and equipment to help you, even if others can’t. In addition, we can help you maintain your routine oral health while simultaneously serving as your emergency dentist in Los Angeles. Don’t wait until you have a dental emergency. Call us today to find out how we can help.

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