Tooth problems are common among the people of Los Angeles. But, when does a toothache become an emergency? Tooth pain that robs your sleep needs quick medical attention. If you cannot eat your meals in peace due to a hurting tooth, you need immediate dental care. So, how do you find an emergency dentist in Los Angeles? Search the internet for an emergency dentist near me in Los Angeles. You’ll land on Southland Dental Care – the experts in treating severe toothache, among other emergency dental problems.

So, what is a dental emergency? Which dental issues can wait? And, which ones cannot wait a day? Being able to determine what an emergency is and what is not is quite important. By doing this, you will prevent small issues from developing into large ones. You will also save money in the long run.

Here are the common signs of a dental emergency

You are Experiencing Severe Tooth Pain

Minor toothaches are common among many people and can be treated using simple home remedies. On the other hand, you cannot ignore severe and persistent pain. This kind of pain stays on for days or weeks and becomes more severe day after day. In many cases, severe tooth pain is an indication of an underlying dental problem. You may be suffering from an infection or significant tooth damage. Besides that, you may experience unbearable tooth pain while pregnant. Such toothaches require immediate dental care.

There are several steps used in treating emergency tooth pain. The first step involves emergency toothache relief. Here, you are given medication to ease the pain. Next is the diagnosis of the problem. Lab tests and examinations are done to determine the cause of the pain. When the cause is known, the appropriate treatment plan is then administered. After treatment, you may be required to attend follow-up clinics.

You Have a Loose Tooth

Loose or wiggly teeth can cause debilitating discomfort and pain. You cannot ignore it. In adulthood, your teeth should be sturdy and healthy. As such, wiggly teeth show that all is not well. You must act fast and seek dental care immediately. Wiggly teeth may fall off if treatment is not done speedily.

Several factors cause teeth to slacken off. Trauma around the mouth is one of the common causes. Such injuries are often incurred in car accidents or sporting events. Medical conditions, such as gum disease, may also loosen the teeth. Regardless of the cause, you should seek medical attention as soon as you notice wiggly teeth. Usually, oral examinations will be conducted to determine the severity of the injury. The treatment option will depend on what is bringing about your loose teeth. It will also depend on whether the jaw and nerves around the teeth are injured.

You Have Bleeding and Aching Gums

Bleeding and aching gums isn’t normal. Recurring and excessive bleeding of gums should get you concerned. If the gum is also swollen and continuously aching, you should make a dental appointment immediately. These symptoms may be a warning sign of gingivitis or gum disease. Treating the gum is essential in making sure that your teeth remain intact and healthy. Gum disease should be your major cause for concern. It develops into quick and progressive stages and may lead to severe teeth loss if it goes unattended.

The first step in emergency gum treatment is to determine the stage of the gum disease. The stage you are at will then determine the treatment plan to use. The early stages of gum disease are easy to treat. On the other hand, there are fewe