If you have chipped, cracked, broken or unevenly spaced teeth, you can create a beautiful and natural smile with high quality veneers. The best dentist for veneers in California is the team of Dr. Delaram Hanookai and Dr. Michael Abaian at Southland Dental Care in Los Angeles. When you leave the office, you will be delighted with your perfect teeth, natural smile and the excellent work of the best dentist for porcelain veneers.

What Are Dental Veneers?

The best dentist for veneers in Los Angeles has the solution you need to transform your chipped, misshapen or stained teeth into aesthetically perfect teeth. A veneer is basically a thin cover to provide your tooth with a great appearance. If you want a beautiful and natural smile, the solution is the best dental veneer. The entire portion of your tooth that is visible is covered by your veneer to look just like your natural tooth without the flaws.

Veneers Before & Afters from the best veneers dentist

veneers Before and After
Veneers Before and After
porcelain veneers Before and After
veneers Before and After

High quality veneers can correct a lot of the issues you may have with your teeth. A veneer is ideal if bleaching your teeth did not provide your desired results, if your teeth are crooked, chipped, misshapen or worn or if you have a gap in the center of your upper front teeth. The best dentist near me for veneers will determine if composite resin or porcelain veneers will best suit your needs. Your veneers will last for a long time, are more difficult to stain than your natural teeth and do not require a lot of enamel to be removed from your tooth.

How Much Veneers Cost

The best dentist for veneers in Los Angeles will always offer high quality veneers. Although you can find cheaper veneers somewhere else, the chances are good you will not be satisfied with the way they look. First of all, you will find a lot of cheaper products are manufactured in China. You veneers will not be comfortable because they will lack customization. The color has an appearance similar to the cheap plastic toys you find available for 25 or 50 cents out of a machine.

A cheaper veneer is not reliable and you will need to have it replaced sooner than you would expect. Cutting corners will not provide you with perfect teeth or a natural smile. When you