Oral health is one of the most demanding forms of hygiene, when handled worse, can lead to adverse consequences. You owe yourself the duty of care as such; you can walk into a dental hospital or clinic to pursue good healthcare services. We have always saved you from looking too far to find a dental clinic. We are located closer to you to ensure timely and quality dental services. We offer free consultancy services to educate you on what you need to qualify for dental implants, the associated costs and tips for caring for the wounds after the surgery. Read more about us in the post below.

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Benefits of Attending a free Dental Consultation

Southlands Dental care is a complete medical impact clinic, and patients have the chance to walk into our clinic to access any desired dental services. By providing free dental care, Southland Dental care ensures everyone finds an answer to the dental questions, and you can understand other dental practices on-going in the clinic. One of the factors affecting dental healthcare uptake is the lack of sufficient knowledge about dental care services and the services awaiting the patients.

  • We ensure you have sufficient knowledge
  • How to keep the teeth healthy
  • Determine the cause of teeth problem
  • Strengthen the teeth

Potential foods and meals that can help you improve the status of your teeth. The free consultation will help you understand how to care for your teeth, preventing medical expenses due to tooth challenges. The knowledge also enables you to enjoy different options for solving dental issues. With this knowledge, you can decide on dental approaches based on your budget, comfort levels, and cosmetic needs.

During the free consultations, you will understand the procedures when handling various dental issues. Understanding the procedures will eliminate certain conditions such as anxiety whenever you visit a dentist.

The knowledge is suitable for community awareness and the promotion of global oral care awareness. Patients can also gain from the free dental care services since they can enjoy the wide range of services offered in the clinic. Some of these services are available at affordable prices to ensure patients do not become victims of further oral challenges. During the free dental consultations, you can also understand implants costs such as dentures vs implants costs, bone graft costs, dental implants cost, and other oral care needs offered by oral surgen.

Why do you need a Pre-Procedure Exam

Once you have decided on the dental implants you need, there are other procedures you need to learn from your dentist before proceeding with the entire treatment option. One of the things you need to understand is the testament plan and procedure.

During the examination, your dentist will educate you on the treatment procedure, whatever will be needed, and you will get a glimpse of how the outcomes may look like. During this time, your dentist also organises the required items and everything needed to ensure the procedure is successful. You can select the type f implant you want, additional modification. The dentist can prepare the necessary anesthetics or sedations needed for the process.

During the examination, the dentist will check the stability of your teeth and the jaw for the surgery. When checking the stability of your teeth, the dentist wants to ensure that if the breathing tube is inserted into your mouth during the surgery, your jaw can remain open for the entire surgery duration, and there will be no damages to the teeth when the breathing tube is being inserted into your mouth.

Your dentist will also check for any active oral infection in the oral cavity, such as periodontal disease or abscesses