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At some point, everyone experiences the loss of a permanent tooth. This can happen for many reasons but a missing tooth is more than a cosmetic issue; it can actually lead to many complications. If permanent teeth aren’t lost, you may lose confidence in speaking, laughing, and smiling. Teeth surrounding the missing tooth can also shift slightly. Over time, this can make your teeth visibly crooked or tilted. Missing teeth that aren’t replaced are also a leading cause of bone loss in the jaw.

Dental implants in Los Angeles CA can restore your smile, protect your bone health, and much more. Dental implants are a newer and long-term treatment option for tooth loss. The procedure involves implanting a titanium rod that’s anchored in the jaw in the hole left behind by the tooth. This rod has a small device that allows us to attach a custom crown that looks and performs just like a natural tooth. Here are five important benefits of a single tooth implant.

  1. It Can Be a Permanent Solution
    A bridge is an alternative to dental implants in Los Angeles CA but it comes with drawbacks. Dental bridges usually only last for 5 to 15 years with good hygiene and regular checkups. A dental implant can be a permanent solution. This is because the implant is implanted and permanently affected to the jaw bone. The implant itself should last a lifetime. While the crown may eventually need to be replaced, it will be a simple office visit that does not require replacing the implant.
  2. It Keeps Natural Teeth and Bone Strong and Healthy
    When a tooth is lost, it upsets the delicate balance between your teeth and jaw bone. Because the bone and gums aren’t stimulated well enough through pressure and chewing, the jaw bone around the missing tooth will begin to shrink. You may also notice your gums receding. This weakens the periodontal ligaments that connect your teeth to the bone. Over time, neighboring teeth can become weak as the gums and bone aren’t strong enough to hold them in place. You can potentially lose neighboring teeth due to a single lost tooth that isn’t replaced. Teeth will also shift to fill the space left behind, even teeth on the opposite jaw.
    A bridge can restore the appearance of your missing tooth and it can keep neighboring teeth from moving. Unfortunately, bridges and crowns are only on the surface and can’t stop bone loss and gum deterioration. Dental implants in Los Angeles CA are done by implanting a titanium rod into the jaw bone that actually mimics your natural tooth root. It’s the only current treatment option to prevent bone loss in the jaw.
  3. Gain Confidence and Restore Your Smile
    A missing tooth can leave you feeling self-conscious about smiling, laughing, and talking. A dental implant delivers immediate results to not only preserve your bone but restore your beautiful smile. Even with a single missing tooth, an implant-supported crown can deliver long-term aesthetics and confidence, especially if you’re missing a tooth near the front.
  4. Implants Improve Your Quality of Life
    Dental implants in Los Angeles CA restore not only the appearance but also the function of natural teeth. You won’t even have to worry about caring for your teeth or avoiding certain foods. A dental implant and crown can be cared for just like a natural tooth, unlike prosthetics that can interfere with chewing, eating, and even speaking. You can enjoy the same foods and beverages you do now without worrying about chewing with a missing tooth or accommodating an uncomfortable prosthetic.
  5. You Can Get Same-Day Results
    In many cases, you can schedule your appointment and get a single tooth dental implant in just one day. Dental implants don’t always mean waiting months between appointments. It doesn’t even need to take much longer than a dental appointment for a traditional crown.

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