A dental implant is among the most popular options for artificial tooth replacement. Dental implants in Los Angeles are a remedy to replace missing or damaged teeth. They are a good alternative to dentures and dental bridges. Implants are beneficial to patients whose natural roots cannot support the bridgework replacement. Same day dental implants in Los Angeles to discuss permanent tooth replacement solutions.

A dental implant is an application with a titanium rod that holds a false tooth in place. Dentists insert the rod into the jawbone which integrates with the bone over time. This provides a sturdy base for replacement teeth. Replacement teeth are made of ceramic material. The choice of material makes them easy to maintain and hard to break or dent. Dental implants in Los Angeles can replace a single tooth or many teeth. Patients with tooth loss due to gum disease or decay might opt for full mouth dental implants.

Delayed Dental Implants

Delayed dental implants are the traditional implant procedure involving a two-stage process. Our dentists place the implant in later appointments after allowing the gum and bone to heal. The first surgery extracts the tooth and raises a surgical flap. We then place a bone graft, and sutures the flap back in position. After a healing period of four to six months, a dentist performs the second procedure. This step reopens the gums to install the abutments and load the false teeth.

Immediate Dental Implants

The immediate placement technique completes two operations in one surgical procedure. Tooth extraction and artificial tooth installation occurs the same day or within 48 hours. Immediate dental implants reduce dental visits. Also, they cut the waiting period between insertion and tooth loading. Yet, for immediate dental implants to be successful, there must be adequate jawbone support and no infection. Besides, immediate implant placement requires more surgical skill than delayed implant placement.

Considerations Before Choosing an Implant Procedure

Before choosing which type of implant you’d like, you must same day dental implants in Los Angeles specialists to check your options. Important points to consider are:

Patient’s Oral Health

Not everyone qualifies for an immediate dental implant because of their gum health. Other factors include having too many missing teeth or a weak jawbone. These factors downgrade the quality of bone, affecting an implant’s osseointegration capacity.

Aesthetic Considerations

Dentists recommend a quick solution if a tooth gap is visible when a patient smiles or talks. If you’re looking for immediate results and return to normal function, same day dental implants in Los Angeles. Delayed implant loading is safer for patients needing full mouth dental implants. Besides, molars, and wisdom teeth must endure larger occlu