If you’ve been considering a brand-new smile to help you feel more confident and secure, you’re not alone. Many people want to feel as if their smile is beautiful when they show it off to the world, but missing teeth, broken teeth, and imperfect teeth quickly make you feel as if you should keep your lips tight and your teeth to yourself. Since your smile is one of the first things others notice about you when you meet, your tight-lipped smile might turn someone off if they’re trying to get to know you better. It’s time to stop that, and it’s time to learn more about dental implants Los Angeles CA dentists offer patients.

One of the main reasons people put off a brand-new smile is cost. It’s intimidating to consider just how much money it might cost to have dental implants, and it causes many people to forgo even considering it as an option. Fortunately for many patients, dental implants Los Angeles CA dentists provided vary in price depending on many factors. If you’re worried about the dental implants cost in Los Angeles CA, find out if you might qualify for lower rates, better prices, or even a low monthly payment program.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Dental Implants in  Los Angeles CA

The dental implants cost in Los Angeles CA is different for every patient based on several personal factors. One factor is the type of insurance the patient carries. The other factors might include the number of implants needed, the type of surgery needed to create implants, and it might depend on the what kind of implants are used in the mouth. Your cost might not be the same with your dentist as it is for another person who uses another dentist, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg pertaining to the various factors affecting the dental implants cost in Los Angeles CA.

Name Brand Implants vs. Generic Implants

If you choose brand name implants, the cost is higher. The most common type of dental implants Los Angeles CA dentists use is the type created by the manufacturer in Sweden that developed this type of dental implant. They’re well-rated, popular, and they’re successful in changing the way people look and feel about themselves. Patients love these implants, and that’s why so many dentists choose to use these rather than other implants options. However, using the best brand does come at a premium.

If you choose an off-brand implant, you’ll find it’s much more affordable. General dental implant Los Angeles CA dentists use might work well for you, but they’re less common and there’s less information about how well they work with patients. If you’re looking to keep your dental implants cost in Los Angeles CA low, the generic implants are an option.

The cost of your dental implants also relies heavily on what type of work you need, how many implants you require, and what kind of additional dental work is done in the process. If you need all on 4 implants or all on 6 implants, it’s more expensive than fewer dental implants.

Insurance Coverage

No two insurance policies are the same, and that’s what makes it impossible to know the dental implants cost Los Angeles CA dentists charge before you speak directly to the dentist and provide insurance information. Most insurance policies don’t cover dental implants if they are not medically required. They’re most often considered a type of cosmetic dental procedure, but there are a few ways you might benefit even if you’re doing it for cosmetic reasons alone.

If your dental insurance covers the implant crown used to help affix dental implants, it can lower the cost. If your dental implants are needed for medical reasons rather than cosmetic reasons, you might find your insurance provider is willing to work with you to lower the cost associated with this procedure. Accidents and some diseases result in tooth loss or serious damage are sometimes covered by insurance.

Flexible Spending Accounts and Dental Discount Plans

If you have an FSA account through your employer, you can work it out to save you significantly on the cost of dental implants. One way to do this is to break it up over the course of two years by scheduling your first appointment at the end of the calendar year and the second at the beginning of the new year so you receive discounts from two years of pretax savings, which can be a significant savings depending on your tax bracket and the amount in your FSA.

If you have access to a discount dental plan, don’t just buy it and hope it will cover your implants. Check to see if it does help with the cost of dental implants. Once you verify it does have this option, you should check to see when the waiting period is over so you know when you can use the discount.

Monthly Payment Programs

If you’re not sure you can afford to pay for dental implants all at once, our offices offer low monthly payment programs for our qualified patients. These payments are broken down into smaller amounts over a predetermined amount of time so that you can better afford to fix your smile. We know there is nothing more frustrating than being financially unable to provide yourself the confidence you need for a better smile. Ask us about our monthly payment plans to see if you qualify for affordable dental implants.

No two sets of dental implants are the same, which is why there is no way to determine the cost prior to a personal evaluation. Call of our offices for an estimate, and make an appointment to see one of our dental professionals to discuss the possibility of taking your smile from the one you don’t love to the smile you’ve always imagined you could have. Call now for an estimate to get an idea of what it might cost you to have the smile of your dreams turned into your personal reality.

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