If you are self-conscious about that gummy smile, Southland Dental Care can help! Have you ever asked yourself, “Can veneers fix gummy smile,” the answer is yes! There are many conditions the veneers can fix such as a chipped tooth; but you might be surprised to learn Dr. Michael Abaian can fix a wide variety of cosmetic issues with these proven wonders. He is a competent veneers specialist near by in the Los Angeles area.

What is a Gummy Smile?
Look in a mirror and give it your best smile. A healthy-looking smile includes straight teeth with a healthy, minimal gum line. Mouths with thick, visible gums can make your gum to teeth ratio seem imbalanced and unnatural. Consider Veneers for that gummy smile. When you consider veneers’ cost, you will be amazed by the priceless transformation they can make almost instantly.

Why do some people have gummy smiles? Well, there are many potential causes for this. We at Southland Dental Care want to help you look and feel your best with the safest, most cost-effective approach possible. Following are just a few gummy smile conditions veneers can fix:

Short lips: Yes, sometimes it’s that simple. People have lips of all shapes and sizes. Shorter lips can leave an abnormal amount of gum showing. Dr. Michael Abaian can use veneers to balance your smile and veneers cost much less than implants, bridges and dentures.

Improper eruption :If you have ever had a tooth grow in improperly, you know gum tissue can get stuck at the base of the tooth (or teeth) and cause that gummy appearance. Teeth look shorter than they really are. This is one of the most popular conditions the veneers can fix.

Small teeth: As we age, our teeth sometimes become worn down. Some people just have teeth that come in small (this is often genetic). Small teeth often look disproportionate to gums that are otherwise healthy.

Upper jaw overgrowth: In dentistry we call this vertical maxillary excess. The less technical term is “bulging gums.” Because the upper jaw grows a little too much, it can cause the gums to actually bulge. People sometimes live with this condition without ever knowing veneers cost much less than other alternatives and can help reduce the appearance of a gummy smile.

Too much gum tissue: While some people have very long teeth and minimal gum tissue, others experience an overgrowth of gums. Excess tissue develops and can hide part of your teeth. At Southland Dental Care be sure to ask if veneers can fix the resulting gummy smile. The medical term for this is “gingival hypertrophy.”

A very active upper lip: Patients come to us with what we call a hyperactive upper lip. If you smile and your upper lip tends to raise too high exposing a wide portion of your gums, you might suffer from a hyperactive upper lip. The cost of veneers in Los Angeles can make them a very affordable option to revise that less than perfect smile.

Chipped tooth: A chipped tooth can draw unnecessary to the gums and mar the appearance of your mouth. Those ragged edges can also create pain and an inability to chew. This is a common and easy fix with veneers!
Always consider veneers for a gummy smile because they are comparatively less expensive than other more invasive options.

What are veneers and how do they work?
Dental veneers dress up your own teeth, but they don’t replace them. These tough coverings can be shaped in different ways based on your specific cosmetic goals and desires. They are very thin and often made of porcelain. There are so many different options for veneers. Veneers are so much less invasive than implants, dentures and dental surgery.

These tiny shields for the teeth can magically change your appearance. When you smile more, you feel better and oth