There are dentists who can provide dental implants in Los Angeles and there are experts in this area. The difference may seem vague but it is important to find the best team in the city. If you want the best Los Angeles 

periodontist you need a name that you can trust.

Southland Dental Care is the leading company for dental implants in Los Angeles. It is a challenging procedure. It is why we know you only want great results. A reliable periodontist Los Angeles is the key toward achieving not just an appealing smile but a healthy one.

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Why Choose Us

It is no secret that there are a huge number of dental clinics all over LA. They may have the same claims as ours or even those that are too good to be true. They may tell you that they will restore your smile and even your receding gums.

Before you bite into their misleading advertisements, there are a few things to know. An important fact is that there is a difference between a dependable periodontist Los Angeles and one trying to trick you. The key lies in the number of positive reviews and outcomes from real patients.

Southland Dental Care has the leading periodontist Los Angeles. As professionals, we make sure that you are working with the best. This way, you get out of our office feeling confident with your new smile.

When you choose us, you can count on the fact that you are working with an expert with extensive experience. We have the necessary training and education to ensure the procedure for your dental implants in Los Angeles is a success.

We are committed to providing high-quality care for every patient. A top-notch periodontist Los Angeles does not stop learning. It is exactly what we do here at Southland Dental Clinic. We strive to discover more things and methods through research. This way, we can give better service and care to our customers.

Aside from the mentioned reasons, we take pride in offering the following benefits to those who need dental implants in Los Angeles:

We have the most experienced prosthodontics team.

Southland Dental Care is known to have an excellent team. Apart from a periodontist Los Angeles, we also have prosthodontists who can take care of your dental implant requirements.

As you may already know, prosthodontists specialize in providing treatments that involve problems with the structure of the jaw. They are also the experts behind restoring a missing tooth. If you need dental implants in Los Angeles, we can arrange for you to have both a periodontist and a prosthodontist.

Together, a prosthodontist and a periodontist Los Angeles can become an unbeatable team toward the improvement of oral health and hygiene. The goal is to create and maintain a high standard on the oral health of the patient.

One of the most common causes of tooth loss is periodontal disease. In this case, you need to consult with a periodontist Los Angeles for a thorough diagnosis and treatment. We make sure to have both experts working together whenever necessary.

Our periodontist Los Angeles works with the prosthodontist who removes and replaces the missing tooth or teeth.

No pain treatment while you sleep

Pain may be a part of life but not when you have a periodontist Los Angeles who cares for you. It is a big fear for those getting dental implants in Los Angeles. However, the procedure is not painful at all. You will be under anesthesia, so you will not feel any pain.

Many patients, under the care of our expert periodontist Los Angeles, would sleep while getting the treatment. It should be noted, however, the numbness will wear off. It is normal to feel some discomfort as you go home.

Your periodontist Los Angeles will tell you right away about the pain. We will also tell you how to manage it as soon as the anesthesia stops working. You should be aware that the amount of pain differs from one person to another.

Our periodontist Los Angeles have seen many patients who can tolerate the pain. It usually depends on the entire procedure. Naturally, if you had more teeth for your dental implants in Los Angeles than your friend, you will experience more pain. Most often, the discomfort will subside within 10 days.

We offer same day dental implants in Los Angeles

The benefits of same-day dental implants in Los Angeles are innumerable. We understand that you want to have your missing tooth replaced as quickly as possible. You also want the whole procedure to be painless. At the same time, you demand to have an expert periodontist Los Angeles or prosthodontist to provide the service you need.

Depending on the recommendation of the periodontist Los Angeles, we will carry out the correct treatment for your case. For same-day dental implants in Los Angeles, the procedure has the implants locked in place just like ordinary treatments.

The difference is that the entire procedure is performed right away. After the consultation with the periodontist Los Angeles or the suitable dental professional, you can go through the surgery immediately.

What Our Previous Customers are Saying

With different options around, we know there is a high demand for experienced and reliable periodontist Los Angeles. Along with a team of dental experts, Southland Dental Care offers the best care and service for dental implants in Los Angeles. Our previous customers are our proof:

Patient from New York to get dental implants in Los Angeles

Elton, one of our patients who needed dental implants in Los Angeles, came from New York. He was debating on whether to get the implants or veneers. He had severe tooth decay, which was impossible to treat in just a single day.

He met with our periodontist Los Angeles and the treatment was planned. He was sedated while a total of 12 teeth were extracted. After that, implants were placed: six on his upper jaw and another six on the lower jaw. The periodontist Los Angeles made sure to have the entire process finished in one day. Elton confirmed there was only minimal discomfort without any bleeding. Best of all, he was satisfied with the results of the procedure for his dental implants in Los Angeles.

Finally eating an apple

Over the years, our periodontist Los Angeles can verify that poor oral health can lead to biting issues. One patient that we had could not eat an apple because of her missing teeth. With the help of our dental implants in Los Angeles procedure, we had her new teeth fixed. It involved all the upper and lower teeth for a full mouth reconstruction.

There have been some discussions about whether or not patients can bite into something after getting dental implants in Los Angeles. Our patient established that you can eat what you want after the treatment.

Enjoying a winning smile

Getting dental implants in Los Angeles or anywhere can be a daunting experience. You need dental professionals who will make you feel comfortable and safe throughout the journey. The video testimony from our client, Peter, showed that he had an amazing experience. Despite what other people may say about dental implants in Los Angeles, there is nothing to be afraid of.

If you fear the uncertainty, having your teeth extracted, or just being under anesthesia, dental implants in Los Angeles will definitely be worth it. After several years of hiding his smile, Peter can now happily show his toothy grin. His experience in dental implants in Los Angeles is surely memorable, thanks to the wonderful results.

You can enjoy the same fate as well. Contact Southland Dental Care today so you can start confidently smile while maintaining good oral hygiene.

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