' Permanent Tooth Replacement Solutions in Los Angeles

Permanent Tooth Replacement Solutions in Los Angeles

Learn more about your tooth replacement options in Los Angeles, CA

Dental implants Los Angeles is one of the most notable advances in dentistry. Before dental implants, the best periodontist in Los Angeles could only offer you bridges and dentures. When a person loses a tooth to decay or injury, Delaram Hanookai, the best periodontist in Los Angeles, can provide him or her Los Angeles tooth replacement surgery.

Dental implants Los Angeles can be an attractive and comfortable solution that looks and feels like the original tooth. Excellent dental implants can provide a world of self-esteem for those who are self-conscience about a lost tooth when smiling.

A variety of solutions are available for permanent tooth replacement. These solutions include dentures and bridges. Dentures can slip and slide which can make eating and talking uncomfortable or embarrassing. Bridges can also move or shift as a person eats or talks which can become frustrating.

Best Periodontist in Los Angeles, CA

The best periodontist in Los Angeles, Delaram Hanookai, would recommend dental implants Los Angeles for a variety of other reasons besides aesthetics. The titanium posts provide an area for a firm hold for the implant which makes it easier to eat and talk.

The post also ensures the dental implant Los Angeles does not come loose like dentures. The titanium posts support overall oral health also because they remove the need to attach the replacement teeth to other teeth like bridges.

With the best periodontist in Los Angeles, the person will walk away with an excellent foundation for permanent tooth replacement which will look, feel, and function similar to real teeth. This fact makes dental implants an excellent permanent tooth replacement solution.

One of the best reasons to choose dental implants Los Angeles as a permanent Los Angeles tooth replacement option is the success rate. It is critical to note that regardless of who performs the implant surgery, the success of the dental implant depends heavily on the location of the missing teeth.

This statement does not mean any periodontist can perform the surgery, so you should trust the best periodontist in Los Angeles, Delaram Hanookai. A fabulous periodontist can only increase the success rate of a dental implant.

The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) still agree that the average success rate for dental implants Los Angeles is over 95 percent. People who smoke or suffer from specific disease such as diabetes may not be perfect matches for dental implants. This fact comes from the implant penetrating the gum and jawbone because diabetes and smoking hinder the healing process.

Delaram Hanookai will be able to evaluate your situation to determine if Los Angeles tooth replacement or dental implants are appropriate for you. Being the best periodontist in Los Angeles, Delaram Hanookai can help you to choose the best permanent tooth replacement solution for you.

If compatible with your situation, most experts agree that dental implants are one of the best Los Angeles tooth replacement solutions. The first step in determining the right permanent tooth replacement for you is to consult Delaram Hanookai for an appointment.

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