Looking for a Los Angeles dentist who specializes in teeth cleaning in Los Angeles, dental fillings Los Angeles, and Los Angeles porcelain veneers, you want to call Southland Dental Care. Our team of experts is well-versed in helping you care for your teeth and your smile. We know it’s not easy to maintain great health during the holiday season, but we also know how to help you remain cavity-free this season. These tips can help you keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright.

Drink Water

With so much to drink during the holiday season, it’s imperative you remember to drink plenty of water. You need water not only to maintain good health and hydration, but you also need it to keep your teeth healthy. Drinking water when you’re eating a little less healthy than you did in the past is what helps you keep your teeth cleaner during parties and meals. The water helps wash away sugar and other bacteria on your teeth before you brush. Any dental fillings Los Angeles dentists work on this time of year might not be a direct result of not drinking enough water, but more water could help those patients.

Snack Smart

Candy canes are a big deal this time of year, but they’re dangerous. Aside from being laden with sugar, they are hard on your teeth. Chewing on them can chip or damage your teeth, which can make it necessary for you to look for a Los Angeles porcelain veneers dentist if you damage your teeth. Consider snacking on things that are a little better for your teeth.

Brush Quickly

The faster you brush following a meal or snack this time of year, the healthier your teeth remain. You can keep your teeth healthy by rinsing them off the dangerous things that snacking leaves on them. You can’t always reach all the stuff in your mouth that takes a toll on your teeth and gums, but calling your Los Angeles dentist to schedule a cleaning can help.

Steer Clear of the Sticky Stuff

Did you know sticky foods and snacks are more dangerous than just about anything else? They can damage your teeth more seriously because they stay on your teeth longer than other things. Your teeth can only handle so much sticky, and it’s not easy to always remove this with a good brushing. This is why teeth cleaning Los Angeles dentists have so many calls this year. The sticky candy and treats make people feel the need to see their dentist before the end of the year.

Floss Well

Your dentist knows when you’re not flossing even if you tell him you are. It’s easy to tell based on the amount of plaque between the teeth. You might not be able to see it, but it’s evident to your dentist when you’re not flossing. If ever you were to pick a time to start flossing, it’s the holiday season. Your teeth need the extra help now more than ever, so take the time to floss after you brush.

Call Now to Use Your Dental Insurance

Your dental insurance doesn’t just roll over anything you used or didn’t use at the end of the year. You should look to see where your policy stands so you can make some decisions before the year is over. For example, if you need major work done to your mouth soon, do it now. You might already be well on your way to meeting your deductible, which means major dental work such as a root canal could be less expensive. If you want to the beginning of the year, you’re starting over trying to reach your deductible.

Call Now for an Appointment

Call Southland Dental for an appointment now. Our offices are convenient, we have hours that work for you, and our team of dental professionals is here for you when you need them most. From cleanings to fillings to handling any issues the dentist finds before they have a chance to form, you need to see the dentist before the end of the year for both your insurance and personal health benefits.

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