Same day dental implants in Los Angeles is possible with the expertise of an experienced oral specialist. The concept may sound outlandish because the process is normally lengthy, requiring days of preparation, but Southland Dental has been performing all on 4 dental implants Los Angeles and all on 6 dental implants Los Angeles with no problems.

The goal of a good oral specialist is to meet his or her patients needs or expectations. People have been clamoring for a dental implant procedure that was less grueling, which is exactly what the experienced specialists at Southland Dental are now providing.

Now, same day dental implants Los Angeles does involve a specific process to be completed in one day. Of course, it does start with a private consultation between patient and cosmetic dentist. At this point, the goals of the patient are taken into account, and the process is explained explicitly.

The second step, no matter if the patient is seeking an all on 4 dental implants Los Angeles or all on 6 dental implants Los Angeles, is to fully examine the patient’s oral health.

The examination involves inspecting the patient’s jaw, teeth, and gums. 3D x-rays will likely be taken as it gives the cosmetic dentist a more detailed view of the state of a patient’s oral health. If everything is okay, the cosmetic specialist will likely take impressions of your teeth so that this process can be underway.

Of course, the next step is to carefully place the post to ensure proper support and comfort. The expert cosmetic specialist at Southland Dental are going to use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the surgery is virtually painless, quick, and minimally invasive. Making sure that the procedure does as little damage as possible helps patients recover faster than some might expect though this can vary.

Each abutment will also need to be personalized to ensure a natural fit. Of course, the crowns placed that day will be temporary as it takes time to personalize the permanent abutments.

The thing that makes these temporary crowns stand out is how natural they are going to look as oppose to versions used by cosmetic dentists before. The temporary crown is going to give bone and skin tissue enough time to heal. It is easy to see how easy this process can be for a patient and how much Southland Dental is willing to work for its patients.

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