Age, health problems, gum disease, accidents, and many other things can affect the look of your smile. Age is something that has a profound effect on the way your smile looks. If you suffer from osteoporosis, it can change the look of your teeth as your bones begin to weaken further. If you have gum disease, it can kill your teeth from the root up. If you weren’t good at caring for your teeth when you were younger, your teeth might not look good now.

They fall out, they’re unhealthy, and perhaps your dentist needs to extract several to prevent your health from becoming worse. Whatever the case, your smile is what suffers. This can affect your confidence, your ability to form relationships and make friends, and it can even affect your ability to work hard and succeed. Fortunately, our dental professionals are experienced providing you with permanent teeth in one day.

What is this? It’s a cutting-edge technology that allows our team of professionals to create a brand-new smile from nothing to help you feel more confident and more attractive using a technique called all on 4 dental implants. These teeth are permanently affixed to the inside of your mouth with four titanium rods known as implants. The procedure is state-of-the-art.

How Does Teeth in One Day Work?

The process is a lot simpler than it sounds. While you are suffering from teeth you don’t love, your dentist is able to create a new set of teeth customized for your mouth. These teeth are then affixed to your mouth like an implant. A dental implant is simple. It’s a tooth that’s designed to look just like your healthy teeth, and it’s affixed to your mouth with the help of a titanium rod inserted into the gum. This helps dental patients improve their smiles when they have one or two missing teeth.

When you have several missing teeth or teeth with serious health problems, sometimes the only solution is to replace them all. Most people assume the only way to do this is with a set of dentures they put into their mouth each day, remove at night, and suffer with when eating certain foods. This is not true anymore. While you can opt for dentures, more patients are opting to have their all on 4 dental implants affixed.

This is four implants all put into the mouth with the rest of your teeth attached. Only four of them are affixed with a titanium rod, and the rest are permanently attached to one another. It’s a simple concept, really, but it’s one that not many people are even aware exists without their dentist discussing it with them.

What You Should Know about Teeth in 1 Day Los Angeles

The all on 4 dental implant system does not mean you’re only getting four implants. Depending on the overall state of your teeth, you may qualify for more. There is a chance you might find your dentist wants to provide you with six implants. Your mouth, your health, and your dentist’s recommendation is what determines how many implants you receive when you go this route.

What makes this implant system so appealing is you get your new set of teeth in one day. While you’re sleeping, you receive your new set of teeth. You come into the office with your old, unhealthy smile and leave with a brand-new smile all in one day. It’s just part of the reason this technique is so cutting edge.

The process does take a bit longer on the front end. Patients need to see their dentist, come up with a treatment plan, and have their mouth viewed with X-rays, a 3D CT scan, and their records are reviewed by the dentist for any pertinent information. Once this consultation is complete, fittings occur. The new teeth are created, the dentist works on sending them to the lab for perfection, and they are sent back when they are ready. Unlike other dental procedures, you get your new teeth placed in your mouth in one day during one appointment when they are complete.

Who is Eligible for Teeth in 1 Day?

Not everyone is eligible for one-day teeth. However, some of the best candidates are patients with several problems in their mouth.

  • People who have missing teeth
  • People who have teeth that are failing and in need of extraction
  • People who already need more than one implant
  • People who wear dentures

If you wear dentures, this might be the solution to your problem. Dentures are great for some, but many people prefer the thought of permanent teeth. Dentures do come with their own set of complications and issues, and not everyone is completely happy with the smile they have when they wear dentures. Taking your teeth out and not having a permanent set of teeth is bothersome to many, but the one-day teeth system is perfect for you.

Is This Better than Dentures?

If you wear dentures, you want to know what is going to work for you to make your life easier and your smile prettier. Dentures are far less expensive than the one-day teeth you’re considering, but they do offer so much more. Wearing permanent teeth created in one day for you allows you to regain an additional 90 percent of your chewing capacity. Dentures only allow approximately 10 percent, which is problematic.

Denture patients aren’t permitted to eat all of their favorite foods because they can damage dentures. With one-day teeth, patients can resume eating most of the food they’ve always loved and enjoyed. It’s a whole new way of life. Additionally, dentures come out and these teeth don’t. The jaw bone does change shape over time, and the lack of teeth in your mouth can cause this to happen faster and more dramatically.

Over time, dentures become difficult to wear because they no longer fit appropriately. With these one-day teeth, the jaw is not going to change shape around the missing teeth. Your face maintains its natural shape, your teeth don’t hurt or become uncomfortable, and you gain confidence.

One of the biggest draws for one-day teeth is the confidence they provide patients. Losing teeth, missing teeth, and forcing yourself to hold back while smiling is never fun. You might be self-conscious of your appearance and smile if your teeth aren’t perfect, and that’s a problem everyone can relate to if they have dental issues. One-day teeth can change that. Your smile is brighter, bigger, and more beautiful.

Your confidence comes back, and the way that changes your life is unbelievable. When you’re more confident, you’re friendly, more sociable, and you’re happier. Imagine living your life with confidence and ease and never feeling self-conscious about your smile. That’s what you get when you decide one-day teeth are for you.

Call For a Consultation

Call our offices now to discuss your options with our team of dental professionals. Your smile might not be what you want right now, but it can be better than you ever imagined in just one day with this system. You’ll need to discuss your eligibility, the cost, and the procedure with your dentist. Call to schedule a consultation. Your future is much brighter when you do.

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